Top 30 Jobs & Career Opportunities For Girls in Pakistan 2024

Career Counseling- Best Career Options 2024 & Quality Jobs For Females in Pakistan
After reaching a certain level of education it becomes difficult for the women to decide that which professional to decide for. The top 30 professions generally preferred are as follows:


1-Career in Medical Field
It is presently the most female dominated profession in our country. It considered that it is easy to survive as a medical practitioner that is either a doctor or a nurse. Due to the natural traits it is easier for females to work as a doctor or nurse. Now a days there are many other alternative of MBBS & BDS are also available.


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2-Career in Academia
Next to the field of medicine is the teaching profession. There are numerous ways to join the profession. The jobs can be acquired after getting degrees, diplomas and certificates related to this profession. The basic qualification in a government and some of the private institutions is BA/BSc & B.Ed. many teachers prefer upgrading their degrees to M.Ed, M.Phil and PhD after joining the job. Females can get Bed degree through distance learning university too like AIOU.


3-Career As An Psychologist
Getting the inside of the human personality is another loved profession among the females. The job can be done by getting an office or even by working through an online source. The females who get the degree in Psychology can help the humanity as career counselor, teacher, lecturer and psychiatrist.


4-Scope of Competitive Exams For Girls
Getting into a white collar jobs is a great dream to pursue. Over last few years the awareness related to the civil services has increased considerably among the girls. Even the ratio is much less than in many other professions, but still there is a great future waiting for those who want to appear in PMS, PCS and CSS exams.


5-Career in Information Technology Field 
In the world of technology and innovation, one great opportunity is studying the computer sciences. It is the academic field for the future. There is no limit to the professional future for those who have diplomas; certificates nod degrees in the said subject. Many women have opted to work by sitting at home after getting the basic knowledge of computers. They are successfully running the business through the Word Press development and SEO.


6-Career in Banking Sector
One of the growing businesses these days is banking. After completing degrees like BBA, B.Com IT, B.Com, MBA, M.Com, ACCA etc. the banks offer high status and highly paid jobs. Today the banking profession has grown to a greater extent, as the banks are working in both public and private sector. Generally banks prefer to hire girls at front desk jobs.


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7-Scope of Special Education Field
It is a profession that needs intense love for the humanity and those who are suffering a lot. As the girls are filled with the love, affection and care so it is easily done by the girls for those having any weakness or physical and mental deficiency. Teachers of special education institutes are given very handsome salary.


8-Career in Electronic & Print Media
There is great opportunity for the educated and confident girls in the world of media. With growing number of channels both on visual and audio media as well as written media scope of this field is also increasing for females. There are short term and long term courses available in journalism and mass communication that can be highly useful for the plausible candidates. The field of mass communication includes various areas of reporting, acting, editing, script writing, photography, film making, and direction, production, singing or anchoring.


9-Scope of Advocacy & Judiciary Jobs 
One may find several women lawyers in the courts wearing black coats and working as full time lawyers, judge, lecturer, legal writer, public prosecutor, legal adviser and legal inspector. It becomes really easy for the female victims to coordinate with a female lawyer. The profession can be acquired after getting an LLB degree.


10-Scope of Engineering
Engineering today is not far from the expert professional attitude of the females. There is a vast field’s option available in engineering including Computer software, hardware, textile, chemical, mechanical, electronics, genetic and biomedical engineering. Many students also get the DAE followed by B.Tech to join the profession as an engineer.


11- Career in Business Field As An Entrepreneur
Many women work as both the trained and untrained business runners. The quality work in the field of business management is possible if the women acquire business related degrees and diplomas, while some may start their own business by acquiring easy loans. The home based businesses include boutique, beauty parlor, schools, colleges, textile manufacturing, fashion industry etc.


12-Scope of Interior Decoration
Women have a great aesthetic sense and creativity, this can be utilized in many ways and one of these is interior decoration. Every place may it be the office or home requires a lovely interiors and so it is great to work as an interior decorator.


13-Career in Tourism & Hotel Management
Hotel management jobs fall in the hospitality category. There are different opportunities available in the field of hospitality. This includes jobs from being a chef to the managerial posts. Cothm has now launched MSc degree in hotel management.


14-Career in Secretarial Jobs
A good officer looks for a great secretary. Many officials prefer to have a lady secretary performing the jobs. The job can easily be acquired by studying commerce, business administration, public administration; journalism and IT. You should try to improve your computer, typing and shorthand skills for getting the job of a private secretary.


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Top 30 Jobs & Career Opportunities For Girls in Pakistan 2024



15-Scope of Online Earning
Many females who prefer staying at home can earn money through affiliate marketing, selling services online, content writing etc. The opportunity is to work as a free lancer, graphic designer, logo designer etc. Join our one month course for detailed guidance in this regard.


16-Scope of Creative Content Writing
Moving the pen can help you earn great. It is a respectable job to put your words into a creative shape. Creative writing is required in blogging, feature writing, column writing, articles & script writing etc. it can earn you from few thousands to several thousands.


17-Career in Armed Forces
For the last few years the armed forces have opened doors for women in almost all fields. It is not just the medical and engineering but even aviation; signals infantry etc which are equally preferred jobs for the females.


18-Scope of Library Science
Library and information sciences is also a great field for females. Scope of this subject has increased a lot after IT revolution. It can help you get the librarian job in a healthy and sophisticated environment. The libraries can be in an educational institution, office, research center, community center, museum or even an e library.


19-Career in Fine Arts & Allied Fields
Creative instinct of a person is explored through fine arts. It’s a wide subject which deals not only with painting but also with sculpture, drama, handicrafts etc. Any woman can master the field by getting different levels of courses.


20-Scope of Home Economics
Home Economics and home management are the best options for the females. It can bring out their hidden natural traits of managing home. It will help you not only in your post marriage era of life but also in launching a business or getting a creative job.


21-Scope of E commerce
It can make a great career for the females after getting a degree of BBA, MBA, MCS, BSCS, MIT and B.Com IT in public and private sector. Females can sell lot of things online through blogging, social media, SEO and SMO.


22-Career in Sociology & Social Work
These two subjects have proved their worth for the females. The trend of NGOs is increasing therefore these subjects bring home more opportunities.


23-Scope of Professional Diplomas & Certificate Courses
Diplomas in the following areas can help you create a great professional future:
DHMS, FTJ, nursing, web development, B Category, DIT, DBA, DAE, CT, LHV, gynecology assistant, Montessori diploma, vocational diploma, paramedical diploma and SEO are some recommended short courses and diplomas for females.


24-Career As A Beautician
Beauty industry is one of the most growing industries in the world. Looking good is a dream of all men and female. Hence, by acquiring the professional degrees and diplomas one can run a great business.


25-Career As An Air Hostess
Although not accepted socially, the job still has great earning, exposure and future for the females.


26-Scope of Politics
In our country politics is also considered as a profession, but you should not take it as a career. You may join politics via social work. MA in political Science, Social Work, Sociology and LLB are recommended degrees for those who want to become politician.


27-Scope of Islamic Scholar
There is a great demand of female Islamic scholars in various fields of life. You may go for BS, MA, MS, MPhil and PhD Islamic Studies for becoming an Islamic scholar. Traditional Dars e Nizami course is also a good choice.


28- Scope of Non Gazetted Government Jobs
For non gazetted government jobs you will have to clear NTS, PCS and departmental recruitment tests. General format of all these exams is same as MCQ type questions related to Urdu, Mathematics, IT, Everyday Science, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, General Knowledge and Current Affairs are asked in these recruitment tests. Start your preparation with book “Who is Who and What is What”. You should also have to learn job interview skills. We highly recommend you to appear in competitive exams (CSS & PMS) and apply for non gazetted quality jobs as well.


29-Career in Private Jobs
Private sector is not more interested in your general knowledge and degrees. Here your skills in your field matters more than any other thing. You should be able to become a source of profit for your company. Learn managerial, marketing and IT skills for this purpose.


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30-Self Employed
It is most recommended option for all females. You should become your own boss by selling various kinds of services of by launching your own business. Generally in Pakistani society females are not allowed to work outside the home after their marriage. That’s why females should always get their degree or diploma in some professional field, so that they may be able to earn money while staying at home. We are 4 sisters, one is homeopathic doctor (Running her clinic in the drawing room of her in laws, one is Psychologist (She is also going to open her own clinic in her husband’s house), one is MA Education/History and M.Ed, she is an educator of scale 16 and running a tuition center in evening, I am a lawyer and now a days learning blogging and SEO from Arqum House. Our father never allowed us to opt any non-professional subject at any level. So please always chose a subject which you can utilize in your practical life for earning money. It will help you in launching your business too. Short diplomas and vocational certificates can also help you in this regard.



Its not the end, as we shall write detailed career counseling articles on all above mentioned fields soon. Stay connected with Arqumhouse, and its facebook page for guidance about different career options for females.


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