Psychology-Introduction, Degrees, Career, Jobs, Tips, Scope in Pakistan & Abroad

Why Study Psychology? Introduction, Degrees, Career, Jobs, Super Tips, Scope in Pakistan & Abroad
Psychology is one of the best subjects of humanities stream. It is a highly recommended subject for girls, as females can start their clinical practice at their homes after completing higher education in applied psychology. In psychology you study about human mind, behavior, subconscious mind and learn who to cure psychological disorders. Psychology is a vast subject and research on this subject is still in initial stage. So there is a great room for talented individuals in this field. Parapsychology is also a branch of psychology, which deals with the indescribable realities. Psychology is a professional subject as it will make you a psychologist.

Psychology-Introduction, Degrees, Career, Jobs, Tips, Scope in Pakistan & Abroad


Psychology-Introduction, Degrees, Career, Jobs, Tips, Scope in Pakistan & Abroad

Career & Scope of Psychology
There is great demand of professional qualified psychologists in our country, because due to increasing financial and social problems every 4th person needs the help of a psychologist. Psychologists can get job in government and private hospitals. They can also start their own clinics. I know some smart psychologists who have also got the DHMS (Diploma in Osteopathic Medical System) diploma and they are practicing both in medicine and psychology. FTJ is an alternative of DHMS. Almost all magazine, news paper and TV channels also hire the services of psychologists for writing articles and hosting shows related to psychological issues.

PPSC, FPSC, NTS, Army, Navy and Air force and several other public and private institutions also hire the services of professional psychologists to examine the mental stiffness of candidates during interviews and aptitude tests. Psychologists create psychological tests for these institutions. There is also a great demand of psychologists in educational institutes. Psychologist can also provide career counseling advices. In fact demand of qualified professional psychologist is increasing day by day in all walks of life. Do you know that big majority of best selling books are related to psychology. After specialization in any field of psychology you may also write books and articles on psychological issues and can earn handsome money. MS degree holders in Applied Psychology or Clinical Psychological can easily get foreign immigration as number of psychological patients is increasing rapidly in developed countries. You may also preach Islam in the people of these countries as the root cause of their depression and anxiety is their approach towards religion. You may also get job in rehabilitation centers of drug addicts.

Three Role Models For Psychology Students
Dr Ghazala Musa is a famous psychologist in Pakistan, who is earning money through his online lectures and videos. You must watch her videos. She is also working in Sadaqat clinic, which is biggest rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Pakistan. Faiez Hasan Seyal should also be your role model in this field, This man is earning millions of rupees, just because of his good presentation skills. Same is the case Qamar Iqbal Sufi who has written many books on self help.

You guys must study the work of these three persons and try to follow them, rather i should recommend you to chose a unique path for your future in this field. For example there is need of research on effects of Dr Bach’s system of 38 flower remedies and homeopathic medicines on psychological disorders as both these methods of rely more on mental symptoms rather than on physical symptoms. There is also a great demand of professional  career counselors in Pakistan. Now you can decide better that which future path will suit you.

Kinds of Psychologists
Criminal and forensic psychologists are hired by investigation agencies. Industrial psychologists can guides employer about different methods for improving industrial productivity and efficiency of employees. Social psychologists can change your anti social behavior. Personality psychology deals with improving your personality traits and removing personal mental and emotional disorders. Educational psychology deals with slow learners and behavioral disorders among the kids. Health psychology will help you to guide people that how they can maintain their health and improve their will power. In rehabilitation psychology, you learn to counsel the trauma victims,

Organizational psychology deals with the behavior at work place. Sports psychology deals with different methods of improving the stamina and performance of sportsmen. Those students should opt this subject who want to serve humanity, as well as wish to lead a prosperous life. Psychologists are taken more fees than specialist doctors and competition in this field is also very low. Many universities also award MSc degree in psychology, because now days psychology has become a science. Psychology is the part of syllabus of different professional degrees, so the scope of psychologists is very bright in educational field too. Visit the best career counseling website of the world and its facebook page daily i.e Our team of professional career counselors and psychologists will also try to reply your queries as early as possible.


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