FAQ About Our 3 in 1 Offer

FAQ About Our 3 in 1 Course i.e Earn Money Online, SEO 7Web development (WordPress) Course

On this page you may read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our 3 in 1 course i.e earn money online SEO, and Web development (WordPress) course.

Q-Why you are offering 3 in 1 earn money online course?
Ans-We are offering this 3 in 1 course just to prepare you for making money online through various legitimate methods. Online world is full of frauds and scams. We shall guide you about real methods of making money online.

Q-What do you teach in your 3 in 1 course?
Ans-We shall guide you in following three areas;
1-Web development through WordPress (Including Google adwardrs keyword planner, Google Analytics, Google Web master tool)
2-Basic necessary information about search engine optimization SEO
3-Introduction of about 30 methods of making money online

Q-Will you guide us about buying domain and hosting?
Ans-Yes, you will be guided about registering domain and hosting. We shall also introduce you about best free and paid domain and hosting providing companies of the world.

Q-What is the duration of your 3 in once make money online course?
Ans-Duration of our 3 in 1 month earn money online course is just one month.

Q-Is this course available online?
Ans-Not at present, as it’s an offline course. You will have to attend regular classes 5 days in a week.

Q-I have no prior knowledge about web development and SEO. May i join this course?
Ans-Our course is for beginners only, who want to earn money online. You can definitely join our course.

Q-Shall i be able to launch my own website after completion of course.
Ans-Yes. Our course is a project based course. You will have to .launch a website during the training.

Q-Why i should trust you?
Ans-We are team of professionals. Our team leader is professional blogger and SEO expert, who is running many websites. Our CEO is Mr Abdul Rehman, who is BSCS degree holder from PUCIT and still working as a senior software developer in an international software house.

Q-What is the eligibility criteria for your 3 in 1 course?
Ans-You must have a PC, Internet connection and ability to understand and write normal English.

Q-What is the medium of instruction in your course?
Ans-Medium of instruction in our course is Urdu. We provide you Urdu training videos too.

Q-Will we have to learn computer programming languages for becoming a webmaster or web developer?
Ans-Not at all. We shall train you in web development through wordpress. Here you will not have to use any kind of programming language.

Q-Will you give us free website?
Ans-No we shall provide you net rather than a fish. You will be able to develop any kind of wp website after completion of your course.


Earn Money Online Course in Lahore-Wordpress+SEO Classes


FAQ About Our 3 in 1 Offer

Q-Will you sell us google adsense account like many other online academies/
Ans-Not at all again. We shall just train you about getting Google Adsense account in less than 4 months. After that you will have to follow our instruction for success in online world.

Q-What will be my expected income after this course?
Ans-From zero to unlimited. We shall not teach you magic. We shall just teach you some great skills. You will have to utilize these skills in the field for earning money online. Even doctors and engineers have to work hard at least for 8 hours daily, so how you can earn money without any work. Sky is the limit in this field for a person with winning mentality.

Q-What is the fee for your course.
Ans-At present fee of our 3 in 1 course is just 10000 rupees.

Q-Why you are demanding so much high fee for just one month course.
Ans-Hahahaha, Our fee is quite reasonable as compared to our competitors in the field. Soon you will have to pay 10000 fee for each of our 3 courses related to SEO, Web development and Earn Money Online. So its a golden opportunity for you to avail this limited time opportunity.

Q-Do you offer any kind of discount?
Ans-Yes, for group of 3 or more students we offer 10% discount. Orphans and sons/daughters of martyers will also be given 10% discount.

Q-Which kind of free facilities you are offering?
Ans-We shall provide you following free facilities;
Video Training Tutorials
WP Themes
2 additional free courses with our one course i.e our 3 in 1 offer(Limited time offer)
Free additional video about many other computer courses
Free 3 months after course support through email only.
Special concession on our future courses and many more

Q-Do you provide separate classes for females?
Ans-We are planning to provide female tutor for our female students in near future. Even now separate class for more than 2 females can be arranged.

Q-What will be the duration of class?
Ans- Duration of each class will be approximately one hour. 15 minutes more can be given for question answer session. You may ask us more questions.