Scope of CA and ACCA in Pakistan, Career, Jobs & Super Tips

Career & Scope of ACCA & CA in Pakistan
Accountants are essential for the financial working of an institute. It does not depend on what type of institution is this, the accounts are maintained in every institution. The major duty of all types of accountants is the same. They work on the financial efficiency of the business of all types. Mostly the education of an accountant currently starts with very basic level of I. Com/D.Com in Pakistan. It is followed by the various bachelor and master level degrees. To gain a more professional touch by getting an additional post graduate degree one can become a chartered accountant. The same is known as Certified Public Accountant in the United States.

Scope of CA and ACCA in Pakistan, Career, Jobs & Super Tips

Scope of CA and ACCA in Pakistan, Career, Jobs & Super Tips

The field of work for a chartered accountant is very vast. It is not just finance but it covers a broader areas of auditing, management and government accounting. In all these areas the job of a chartered accountant is to keep the accounts up to date. While specific job duties vary greatly within specific positions, many duties shared between chartered accountants include preparing financial reports and documents of various kinds, internal and external auditing, keeping records of investment in regards to the fiscal decisions of the company.

The term ‘Chartered’ in ACCA qualification refers to the Royal Charter granted in 1974. The ACCA holder has to work under certain set of rules and regulations. He needs to have a certificate before starting his regular practice. An ACCA accountant needs to have a certification for rendering his responsibilities. The job includes financial tasks, budgeting, financial record keeping and management. They are a great help in human resource management. They help analyze the previous situation and then prepare new plans accordingly.

In Pakistan as career awareness is increasing in the people and they are looking forward to more jobs and careers. The craze of becoming a doctor or an engineer is no more active.The students are looking forward to a safer future where there is room for progress and gains. Apart from professional soundness the people look forward to the financial gains also. In this respect, the people now have started preferring the accounting related jobs. With more multinational companies in action the chances of growing in CA and ACCA have increased. They can ensure a safer future with lots of chances to progress. Many CA qualified professionals also start their own consultancy firms. This becomes a personal business development. Hence, after getting the said degrees there are various doors open to the accounting professional.

There is a great demand of qualified accountants having CA or ACCA degree all over the world. They can easily get job in any country of the world as multinational companies, international banks, even mega malls need their services. ACCA or CA degree holders can earn handsome money even staying in Pakistan as now Pakistan is on the launching pad of progress. After the end of energy crisis in 2018 and construction of Pak China economic corridor lot more jobs in accounting and finance field will be available in Pakistan. We highly recommend you to choose one of these options for your higher studies.

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