Career & Scope of Top Ten Engineering Disciplines in Pakistan & Abroad

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Engineering education is at the boom in Pakistan and it has very bright scope. There are many disciplines in engineering, but in this article we shall discuss the scope of top ten engineering disciplines in Pakistan and abroad.

Career & Scope of Top Ten Engineering Disciplines in Pakistan & Abroad

Career & Scope of Top Ten Engineering Disciplines in Pakistan & Abroad

1-Electrical Engineering
If you have interest in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism then electrical engineering is the best career option for you. It has good scope not only in Pakistan, but also in the whole world. This is an age of electronics and no country can make progress without having strong human resource in the field of electronics. Pakistan is facing serious energy crises and needs great numbers of electrical engineers to overcome energy crisis, so it is the most demanding degree in our country. Electricity companies in Pakistan need large number of electrical engineers for installation, maintenance, operation of power handling equipments and systems in their atomic, hydroelectric, solar bio gas and thermal power plants. IT Industry, railways, food industry, aircraft and automobile industry, electricity boards/utility companies, educational institutions and research establishments, defense services, steel or chemical industry, telecommunication, health care equipment manufacturing industry, electrical equipment and systems manufacturing companies offer placement for electrical engineers.

2-Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers can get job in all fields of technology, because mechanical engineers deal with machinery and no one can deny the role of machines in industries. Pakistan is a developing country and we need large number of mechanical engineers for our sick industrial sector. These engineers have several job opportunities in automobile industry, chemical plants, steel plants, marketing sector, agricultural industries, aeronautical industry, power plants, oil and gas exploration sector, space research organization, armed forces, railway and in many other public sector departments.

3-Civil Engineering
Large scale construction work is going on in the country, such as over head bridges, new dams, housing schemes, under passes, metro bus service and motor ways. These mega projects indicate that civil engineers have great scope in Pakistan. There is a great demand of civil engineers in Middle East too. Civil engineers can find jobs in different government like departments, real estate societies, consultancy firms, quality testing laboratories, power plants, teaching Institutions, private and public sector industries and DHA.

4-Chemical Engineering
Chemical engineering deals with all kinds of chemicals. Chemical engineering is applied in the manufacturing of different chemical products, such as different industrial chemicals, ceramics, caustic soda, glass, fuels, petrochemicals, cosmetics, insecticides, plastics, explosives, fertilizers, paint, lubricants, detergents, perfumes, additives, dyes, dyestuff, herbicides, dietary supplements, photographic equipment, clothing, paper and medicines. Now you can easily imagine that chemical engineers can get jobs in lot of fields. You just need a bit experience and creativity to find better job in this field.

5-Computer Engineering (Hardware & Software) 
Computer engineering is now becoming most popular engineering discipline. There are basically two types of computer engineering i.e hardware engineering and software engineering. Hardware engineers are like electronic engineer, but they mostly deals with computer and its accessories only. Software engineers design different software and websites. Software engineers are self employed persons, as they can earn a lot while working as freelancers. Still they can get job in all the public and private sector institutions/organizations.

6-Textile Engineering
Textile industry is the largest industry in Pakistan. We still need lot of textile engineers. Government is going to overcome the energy crisis soon, so in near future more textile units will be set up in Pakistan. Current students of this engineering field have great future in this engineering field.

7-Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural engineers will not have to face recession period in the whole career, as due to increasing population demand of qualified agricultural engineers is also increasing day by day.

8-Metallurgical Engineering
We are living in the of metals. Metallurgical engineering also has great scope in coming years, as we need to discover more reserves of metals to meet the need of human race.

9-Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
It is expected that soon robots will take the place of human beings in factories. Millions of workers will lose their jobs, but demand of experts in robotics and artificial intelligence will increase in future, as these people will control the robots of the future.

Nanotechnology is the technology of future. Nanotechnologists will be able to get job in all fields of engineering in near future as we are moving from macro world to micro world.

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