Career & Scope Of FTJ (Fazil E Tibb Wal Jarahat)-Best Herbal Medicine Program

How to Become Physician of Alternative and Herbal Medicines? Career & Scope Of FTJ (Fazil-E-Tibb-Wal-Jarahat)-Top Herbal Medicine Diploma Course in Pakistan
Here in this article we shall discuss the scope of most popular herbal medicine (Hikmat/Eastern Medicine) diploma course in Pakistan. Hakeems or physicians of traditional medicines are playing an important role in our society. Large number of our population have firm believe in hikmat (Herbal medicine) and they don’t like modern medicines due to their side effects. Moreover our villagers and lower middle class cannot afford modern treatment, so they consult tabibs (physicians of traditional medicines). In 1965 government of Pakistan registered all tabibs (physicians of traditional and herbal medicine) practicing in Pakistan and established national council for tibb (NCT) for registration of hakeems and regulating the Tibbiya colleges.

Career & Scope Of FTJ (Fazil E Tibb Wal Jarahat)-Best Herbal Medicine Program

Career & Scope Of FTJ (Fazil E Tibb Wal Jarahat)-Best Herbal Medicine Program

Now all the tibbiya colleges in Pakistan are affiliated with national council for tibb. National council for tibb conducts and regulates the examinations of Fazil Tibb o Jarahat (diploma in unani medical system/DUMS). FTJ is a recognized diploma by National Council for Tibb and ministry of health government of Pakistan. FTJ is a 4 year diploma program after Matriculation with science subjects. 6 months Internship under the supervision of registered hakim is compulsory after passing final FTJ diploma examination.

Scope of FTJ (Fazil-E-Tibb-Wal-Jarahat)-Best Herbal Medicine Diploma in Pakistan
After the completion of FTJ diploma, you can start private practice as registered physician of eastern medicines, open a unani medical store, get a job in tibbi pharmaceutical industry and can get a government job of 16 scale in government hospital as hakim (physicians of traditional medicines). There are more than 400 herbal medicine manufacturing units are working in Pakistan and demand for qualified FTJ diploma holders (Physicians of alternative or herbal medicine) is increasing in the country day by day. You can also get a job of lecturer in tibbiya college.

F.T.J Eligibility Criteria
(1) Passed Grade 10 examination of the School with Science subjects or its equivalent foreign education.
(2) Age limit is 45 years
Medium of instruction is Urdu in this diploma FTJ course.There are more than three dozen colleges are offering FTJ diploma in Pakistan. After completion of diploma you can apply for three years condensed degree program in Eastern Medicine and Surgery (BEMS) in Hamdard university Karachi and Qarshi university Lahore. BEMS is a HEC recognized program. We shall soon write a detailed article on scope of BEMS in Pakistan and abroad.

FTJ (Fazil-E-Tibb-Wal-Jarahat) Subjects
Following subjects are taught in FTJ diploma class;
Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Psychology, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Bioinformatics, Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Methods & Therapeutics.

How to apply For Admission in FTJ (Fazil-E-Tibb-Wal-Jarahat)-Top Herbal Medicine Course in Pakistan?
Two attested copies of following documents must be enclosed with the application form. Incomplete forms are not entertained.
Matriculation certificate
Matriculation Marks Sheet
Character certificate
Any other diploma/certificate
National identity card (if candidate’s CNIC is not available then father’s/ guardian’s copy should be submitted)
Two attested passport size recent photographs.

It is my personal advice for my sisters that they should get some type of vocational education as in our country women are usually not allowed to work outside the home. So its better for them to get some sort of education through which they may earn money without going out side the house. This diploma will also be helpful for you in earning money and serving the nation, while staying at home. This is a very promising career for women.

Golden Tips

1-You  must also get admission in B Category and DHMS program. This combination will help you a lot in your future career.

2-Read the books of Late Hakeem Sabir Multani, who was a the greatest hakeem of Pakistan. He discovered a new and scientific method of treatment. His system of healing is called simple organopathy. You may treat all kinds of diseases with just 3 medicines under this system. Its very easy to understand. We have given an image of Sabir Multani’s book on this page. The day is not far when modern medical science will also admit his research.

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