Scope of Software Engineering-Earn Money, Career, Tips & Degrees

Career & Scope of Software Development & Engineering in Pakistan-Earn Money Online , Jobs & Degrees
If you are keen to learn about the software engineering, then this article is for you. Today we shall try to discuss all the aspects of software engineering including how to earn money online with it.

Scope of Software Engineering-Earn Money, Career, Tips & Degrees

Scope of Software Engineering-Earn Money, Career, Tips & Degrees

What is Software?
Set of instructions in a mobile phone or computer is known as software. This is the basic language of a computer. In order to communicate between the humans and the machine special language known as programming language is used. In order to prepare the softwares there are number of programming and screening languages are available for example java, C, Python, Ruby, HTML, XML, PHP, ASP.NET and Delphi.

Use of Software Engineering
In today’s modern world there is hardly anyone not using softwares from electronic devices in kitchen to our computers and mobile phones everything works on the software. They have made our lives convenient and comfortable. The works, which before the softwares took lots of time and energy, are now completed in least possible time. Weather it is communication or photography, graphic designing or animation softwares are active everywhere.

How to Learn Software Development?
Universities and both private and public sectors are offering software courses at intermediate to doctorate level. Keeping In view the growing importance of software engineering various courses are offered for example intermediate science with computer sciences, ICS, three years diploma courses DAE etc. at university level bachelors and master’s level similar courses are being offered like BCS, MCS, MIT, BSCS. There are number of employment opportunities available after the completion of these courses. Part from these long-term courses some institutes are providing short-term courses spread over months.

How to Earn Money With Software Engineering? 
After learning software engineering there are number of job opportunities in the local and international job markets. Anyone can opt for a permanent or temporary, full-time or part time job. As it is related to services, therefore there is no need to invest a large amount. The only investment required is for paying the rent of a small office, utility bills, an early investment etc. You can also work as a freelancer and earn 1 to 5 million rupees in a year. The more you learn the better you earn.

Why Software Engineers Earn More?
Software engineers can earn more because there is less expenditure and more profit. A software engineer can use a single project to earn from different clients. If you prepare a project for one client, you can sell the same project to other clients without any change or with minor changes.

Branches of Software Engineering & Development
There are two major branches of software development in national and international market namely desktop application
development, web software development and mobile phone application development.

1-Desktop application development is used for the desktop computers, they are mostly used to maintain accounts, records of an office and education institutes. They are prepared for certain operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh etc. There are number of languages used for such developments like Microsoft’s .Net, C, C++, Visual Studio, Java etc.. The experts of this field usually develop software for telephone exchanges, photocopying machines, educational institutions, businesses and printers. Their softwares are also known as embedded softwares.

2-Web application development software works with all types of browsers. Such kinds of softwares are used for all sorts of machines including desktop, tablet, and smart phones. They are browser based and therefore any machine with browser installed in it can support these applications. They are preferred as compared to desktop applications.

Software Engineering-Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad
You may start your own business after getting a professional degree in software engineering.
You may work as freelancer and can get projects from upwork and freelancer.
You may apply for foreign work permit and immigration.
You may easily get a job of software developer.
MS/MPhil degree holders can join academia.
You may get job in any public or private organization as 21st century is the century of IT.
Remember that in the field of software development your expertise and skills matter more than your academic record, so try to improve your skills. Focus on just on sub field of software development and try to master it. Visit and its facebook page daily for career guidance.


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