Career in Hotel Management-Details About All Jobs in Hospitality Industry

Career Counseling- Scope of All Kinds of Hospitality Jobs in Hotel Management Industry , Tips
Today we shall discuss the duties of all kinds of staff in hospitality industry. Hotel management has become an art in the modern world.  Hospitality industry is an ever green industry. Hotel management as become an become an popular discipline all over the world. Our current article on hotel management and hospitality industry will help you in understanding the importance and scope of different kinds of jobs in this field.

Hospitality is one the oldest tradition of the world. When it is done on commercial basis it becomes an art and a profession. This is also one of the oldest professions of the the world. In present era it has become an versatile profession. Different kinds of jobs are available in hotel industry. Mainly we can divide hotel management jobs into two broad categories i.e guest services and administrative and support. Here in this article we will discuss both job categories of hotel management in detail.

Career in Hotel Management-Details About All Jobs in Hospitality Industry

Career in Hotel Management-Details About All Jobs in Hospitality Industry

Guest Services
Reception Clerks
Reception clerks are also called front desk clerks. This is very important position in hotels. Front desk clerks are like the face of hotels. Guests meet reception clerks both at the time of check in and check out. This is a 24 hour service. Front desk employees perform the following duties
1-Reservation of rooms.
2-Attending the phone calls of guests.
3-Handling the complains.
4-Collection of dues
5-Keep the record
In majority of smaller hotels it is an entry level job, but in five star hotels you need to have some good degree or relative experience before you are eligible for this post.
Note;Front office manager supervises the front desk employees.

Porters perform following functions
1-Open the door for guests.
2- Assist the guests at front desk.
3- Arrange taxi for guests.
4-Carry the luggage of guests to and from their rooms.

House Keepers
The housekeeper clean and maintain the rooms daily.
He provides the extra things to guests such as blanket.
He also solves the queries of the guests.
Housekeeping supervisor schedules the workers, so that there is always the right number of workers at each shift. He also trains his juniors.

Room Service Personnel
Room service employee provides menu to guests in their rooms, takes room service orders and then delivers them in time.

Waiters take guests’ orders and serve the meals. They make it sure that customers have everything they need. Waiters also present the bill to customers and some times receive the payment.

Only five star hotels offer the concierge services in Pakistan. These personnels provide extra services to guests, such as purchasing cinema tickets, providing babysitter, arranging tours, making reservations at restaurants and ordering transportation.
Note;Guest Services Manager supervises all the matters related to guests.

Kitchen Staff
Chefs cook the food for the guest according to menu. There are different kinds of chefs in hotels, such as Sous Chef ,Chef Saucier, Chef Grillardin, Chef Potager, Chef Potager, Chef Entremetier, Chef Poissonnier and Chef Patissier. Executive Chef supervises all these chefs.

Kitchen Assistants
Kitchens assistants assist the chefs in cooking food. They also wash the dishes and help supplier to unload food items. Assistants are entry level kitchen staff members.
Note;Kitchen Manager supervises all the kitchen staff.

Restaurant Manager
Restaurant Manager is responsible for providing the best possible service and food to its customers. His job is of administrative type, as well as services related. He takes care of all restaurant operations.

Event Planner
Event Planner organizes different events in halls of hotel, such as wedding, seminars and conferences.

Accounting Staff
Accounting staff keeps all the financial record of the hotel. They prepare the profit and lost balance sheet approve the different expenses and pay different bills, taxes and salaries of employees. Revenue manager leads the accounting department

Marketing Staff
Marketing employees launch advertising campaign for promotion of hotel within the limits of advertising budget.

Purchasing Employees
Purchasing employees purchase all necessary items for the hotel. They also keep stock of running items.

Assistant Manager
Assistant manager looks after all the operations of the hotel and reports about different administrative issues to the GM.Revenue Managers,

General Manager
General Manager is the ultimate in charge of all affairs of hotel.

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