How to Earn Money Online From Content Writing? Tips & Tricks

Article Writing Tips for Beginners

Content writing is an easy way of making money online. It’s an easy route for entering in the e business world. In this article we shall try to guide the beginners who want to earn money online from content writing. I know many content writers who have good command over English, still their income is very low. Through this article i want to suggest all English writers to start blogging, as it is the best and easiest way of making money for good, even for average writers. Writer can also earn money by making their profile in different free lancing websites like elance, freelancer and odesk. Here on these sites you can leave your profile with the price, which you will charge for writing an article. Website owners will contact you and you can earn handsome amount of money by this method.

Earn Money Online (Arqum House)

How to Earn Money Online From Content Writing? Tips & Tricks

You can also search some article writing jobs on these sites and can bid on those content writing tasks. If the publisher accepts your bid, he will contact you. You will submit your project with in the due date and will get your payment through website. In these sites you can demand as much money as you like for article writing. There are some other websites too, where you will have to make an offer for writing an article at some fix charges, such as Here you can offer to write an article for five dollars. There are other sites too where you can offer to write an article in 10, 15 and 20 dollars too.


You can also join content providing sites. These sites will provide you tasks of writing articles on different topics at certain fix price. They will get projects from their international clients and handover the job to you. Site will take their commission and you will get the predetermined amount for article writing. There are many websites on Internet which pays for content writing. You can view the list of such websites with the help of Google search. You may also get internship certificate from us for providing us content writing services for 6 months. We shall not only give you internship certificate, but also guide you about content writing tips and tricks. Your articles will be published with your name, introduction and picture. For details contact us through the comment box given below this page.


But the most recommended method of earning money online for writers is blogging. Bloggers are self- employed persons and there is a great scope for good writers in this field. Many writers think that blogging a too difficult and technical job. I want to make it clear that it’s your misconception and an average intelligent person can learn this art in maximum one month. Arqum House offers a complete webmaster course through which you can learn blogging and seo in just one month.


Just writing skill is not enough for earning through blogging you must write creative informative and seo optimized articles. To check standard of your articles you can start guest posting. It means you can write articles for other sites and article submission directories. If some good site publish your articles, it will boost your confidence and add a star in your profile.

Now the question arises that how much a writer can earn through online writing, some people says that it’s a controversial matter, but i am very clear on this issue, it’s all depends upon your dedication, content writing skills and hard work. There are no limit of income for good writers on internet, as the whole world and Internet is your market. So in spite of writing for others, it’s better to write for yourself and earn much more than your present income. If you start a blog then select a nitch (subject of blog) on which you have full command. As in the beginning you need a jump start, so it’s better to write on such a subject on which you can create some master pieces to attract the readers on Internet. Stay connected with and its facebook page for guidance about latest methods of making money online. Wish you good luck.



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