Scope of DHMS Course, Subjects, Eligibility, Tips, Career & Admission

D.H.M.S Course Subjects, Eligibility Criteria, Super Tips, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad  
DHMS stands for Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System. In Pakistan you can get admission in DHMS course after matriculation with science subjects. DHMS course is a recognized diploma by National Council of homeopathy and Ministry of Health Government of Pakistan. Now this diploma is considered equivalent to BSc degree. It is a 4 year diploma and 6 months Internship is compulsory after passing final diploma examination. After the completion of diploma, you can start private practice, open an homeopathic medical store and can get a government job of 16 scale in government hospital as a homeopathic medical practitioner.

Scope of DHMS Course, Subjects, Eligibility, Tips, Career & Admission

Scope of DHMS Course, Subjects, Eligibility, Tips, Career & Admission

D.H.M.S. Eligibility Criteria or Admission Requirements 
(1) Passed Grade 10 examination of the School with science subjects or its any equivalent examination like O-Level.
(2) Not attained the age of 45 years


Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System Subjects
DHMS First Year Subjects 
1. Homeopathic Philosophy (Part I)
2. Pharmacy Theory
3. Pharmacy Practical
4. Materia Medica
5. Anatomy Theory
6. Anatomy Practical & Viva


DHMS Second Year Subjects 
1. Homeopathic Philosophy (Part II)
2. Hygiene and Public Health
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Physiology Theory
6. Physiology Practical


D.H.M.S Subject Third Year
1. Homeopathic Philosophy (Part III)
2. Gynecology and Obstetrics
3. Materia Medica
4. Materia Medica Viva Voce
5. Pathology
6. Pathology Practical & Viva
7. Psychology


D.H.M.S Subjects Fourth Year
1. Materia Medica (Comparative study)
2. Materia Medica Viva Voce
3. Case Taking & Repertorisation (Theory & Viva)
4. Forensic Medicine
5. Minor surgery
6. Homeopathic Philosophy (Part IV)


Why DHMS Course? Admission, Career, Scope & Super Tips
DHMS course is equivalent to BSc degree, it means that matriculate will have to given the compulsory papers pf FSc Pre Medical and they will bve awarded FSc Homeo certificate. After that they will have to clear the just compulsory papers of BSc and they will be awarded the BSc Homeo degree. Its a great incentive to all students. Medium of instruction in DHMS course is Urdu so an average student can get BSc degree through this route and continue his higher education in science stream. DHMS diploma holders can get BHMS degree in just three years. BHMS degree is equivalent to MSc. It means that you may get MSc degree in your field very easily.


There is no separate pharmacy degree in homeopathic, so a DHMS diploma holder can not only open his own homeopathic medical store but he cal also start his homeopathic pharmaceutical company.


Its my advice to all my sisters to get admission in DHMS course as this easy diploma course can make you a self employed person. You can earn money while staying at home. Although FTJ is also another further study option for students after matriculation, but it is still considered equivalent to intermediate. It my advice to career conscious students to get admission in B Category and FTJ diploma too. Its a killer combination for business oriented students, who want to enter in the field of pharmaceutical industry.



Unfortunately there is no problem of regular attendance in this course. Exams are taken in an extra relax atmosphere.  You may also practice a homeopathic psychiatrist as in homeopathy medical system emphasis is given on mind symptoms. Nurses can easily open a clinic as an homeopathic doctor after getting DHMS diploma. Its an easiest way to add the prefix of doctor with your name. You may get admission even at the end of year too. Government servants should go for this diploma course before 45 years of age, as it will help them a lot in earning money while staying at home after retirement.



I am too a senior homeopathic doctor, so m you may get free career counseling advice from me through the comment box given below.

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