How to Earn Money Online with Elance (Upwork) as a Freelancer? Tips

What is Freelancing & How it Works? Super Tips & Tricks About
Freelancers are the self-employed persons. They are not committed to any employer for a long period of time. They sell their expertise and earn money by selling their services. They commit to work for some body for just for any specific task within a limited period of time. Internet has revolutionized freelancing, as it has become very easy due to international freelancing websites. It has become the best alternative of blogging. Now you can get a job/task related to your expertise through freelancing websites, while staying at home and deliver your work from computer as well as receive your payment online instantly without any hazard.

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How to Earn Money Online with Elance as a Freelancer? Tips & Tricks

How to Make Money Online Through
Elance/Upwork/Odesk is such a freelancing platform, where you can make your profile and offer your services for finding freelance jobs. You can make your profile free of cost in minutes on You may add your experience, expertise, past sample work and your demand for a task in your profile. Website also recommend you jobs matching to your skills and expertise. You can also search tasks for you that match your skills. After making your profile on Elance/Odesk/Upwork you should visit your email inbox daily for watching the invitations send to you by different clients. You can get tasks from top level companies from all over the world through this platform. Upwork/Odesk/Elance will provide you collaboration tools too. Website will handle all the documentation, paper work, invoicing and payment for you.

Elance/Odesk/Upwork will charge only 10 percent service fee to the price, which you will receive from your client for a certain task. They will detect their service fee from your payment and send you the remaining amount.
You can find freelancing tasks related to following categories from
1-IT,Web & Mobile
2-Data Science
3-Design and Multimedia
6-Office and Administration
7-Customer Services and moderation
8-Marketing and Sales
9-Engineering and Architecture
10-Finance and Management
12-Project Management
All these categories have many sub categories too. If you are a professional, then you can easily search the sub category related to your professional skills.Remember that almost all IT companies get their initial orders from Elance/Odesk/Upwork and other freelancing websites. Many freelancers get tasks from this platform and outsource it to the local professionals. They are earning money online just by their good marketing skills.

In case of any disagreement between the parties (Freelancer & his clients), Elance/Upwork/Odesk will provide free dispute resolution or arbitration services. Your payments are deposited in your Elance/Upwork/Odesk account and you can withdraw money any time from your Elance/Odesk/Upwork account. For fix payment jobs you will receive the payment on the agreed date between the both parties, while in case of hourly jobs payment is made on weekly basis. You can also increase you clients by buying premium membership. You can get your payments via your paypal/payoneer/skrill/LFT/ACH and bank accounts. In short it is a trusted website millions of people trust it and earning a lot of money online through this awesome website. Now it’s your turn to shine. Make a free profile and express your talent instantly. For more details join our one month training course at Arqum House. You will also like to read our following articles on “How to earn money online?.

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