How To Succeed in Interviews? Top 20 Job Interview Tips

Interview Questions & Top 20 Interview Tips For Job Seekers
Interview skill is the part and parcel of modern business life. You can not get your desire job without mastering this art or skill. It’s an art to impress others and to express your hidden talent. In this article we shall discuss the interview questions and top 20 special interview tips for success in a typical job interview.

20 Job Interview Tips For All

Home Work For Job Interview Questions
1-Try to find out the basic requirements and general salary range of the job

2-Know who the employer is [place, size, employees, turn over, branches, history]. Also search about the working of the organization [products, services, markets, competitors, achievements, projects etc].

3-Collect the maximum information about interviewer or job interview panel.

How To Succeed in Interviews? Top 20 Job Interview Tips

How To Succeed in Interviews? Top 20 Job Interview Tips

4-Make a list of expected job interview questions and be prepare for answering them, you also arrange a demo job interview with the help of your friend. You may be asked following questions
a-What are your strengths?
b-How do your skills relate to our needs?
c-What are you looking for in a job?
d-Why should we hire you rather than other candidates?
e-What do you think you can contribute to this company?
f- What have been your greatest achievements in your working history/studies?
Soon we shall write a detailed article on expected job interview questions for different kinds of jobs.

5-Make a list of relevant questions you want to ask the interviewer. Yes, you too have right to ask questions specially if you have applied in a private organization.

6-Decide about your appearance. Dress like a winner. Your clothes should be clean, wrinkle free, simple and well ironed. Have a bath and shampoo your hair before the job interview. Choose foot wear matching with your dress color. Wear minimum jewelry. Use fragrance sparingly, but avoid heavy make up. Comb your hair conventionally. Clean and cut your fingernails. Wear a wrist watch and set your mobile on silent mode.

7- On a small paper or card write down five things you want the employer to know about you. On the other side list five questions you want to ask the interviewer during the job interview.

8-In a decent file cover take a pen and paper, two copies of your resume, photocopies of your degrees and sample of your work {if available}.

9-Twice check the location, time and date of the job interview. Reach at least 15 to 20 minutes before the interview.

At the Start of The Job Interview
1-Enter the room after knocking it slightly then ask permission to enter.

2-Meet the employer with a light smile on the face and direct eye contact.

3-Offer a confident handshake if the interviewer extends a hand.

4-Don’t sit before the interviewer take his seat.

5-Sit calmly with a erect posture.

6-Listen carefully to the interviewer and explain every thing briefly.

7-Behave like a gentle man

8-Avoid displays of nervousness such as gum chewing and smoking.

Middle of The Job Interview
1-Takes notes to answer the questions

2-Answer questions wisely and truthfully. Your answers should be to the point and brief. Don’t exaggerate while expressing your abilities.

3-Relate your education, expertise and experience to the position you are seeking. Your stress should be on your positive qualities and uniqueness

4-Smile gently according to the situation and avoid laughing.

5-Listen carefully so that you can give smart reply.

Salary Discussion
1-Always let the boss name the salary figure first

2-Don’t answer the question ” What the minimum salary you would accept?”. Tell the interviewer you are not looking for the minimum and that you will be taking a number of interviews, expect several offers and will take the one that offers you the best blend of challenge and compensation. Smile nicely as you say it.

End of The Job Interview
1-When you realize that job interview is about to end, diplomatically ask when you will be informed of the decision on your application.

2-If you are selected for the job, either accept or ask for time to consider the offer.

3-Thank the interviewer with a confident smile and handshake.
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