Top Ten Writing Tips in English & Urdu

Top Ten Creative Writing Tips For Beginners in Urdu & English 

We are here to tell you some basic rules and top ten writing tips, through which it will become easier for you to get jobs, especially in print media. You can improve your writing skills through these top ten writing tips.

Very few people are bestowed with the natural skill of writing. You can be one of those if you find it in yourself. Remember essay or article writing is a unique art. Facts and information are delivered to people through it. If you want to become an essay or article writer, you must keep in sight these valuable rules.

Top 10 Writing Tips For All

1-It is said that a good reader is a good writer. Therefore, become habitual of reading and start writing time-to-time. Write your thoughts on a paper or in a diary in simple and understandable words. So that persons relating to every class can read it. But first, decide your topic. It be politics, religion, economics, education, society, municipality or sports. Each topic carries unique points and aspects in it. Therefore, write on most important aspects of a topic. Discuss about it with relevant people, experts, teachers, scholars etcetera. Note important points and write them in your own words beautifully. Collect all the important material including authentic references and contexts.

2-Try to write on important issues and current affairs at first. Start your article with foreword. Stanzas, proverbs and narratives can also be included if required. Try not to repeat any sentence or afore mentioned thing. Write aim and message of article at the end in a way which attracts readers’ concentration. Proceed the article in a logical dimension in an organized way. Every new aspect in an article should be started in a new paragraph and a new sentence.

3-A headline or topic name hold unique significance in an article. Make sure you write it dynamic and comprehensive. Do not immediately send your writing piece to any editor or any magazine or newspaper, but review it repetitively. Find out mistakes, mark them and rewrite them. This way, your brain will generate new ideas and news words and you will be able to create effective changes. Consult senior writer for mistake detection and improvement in your writing piece.

4-Sort out the type and policy of magazine or newspaper for which you want to write. Whether it is literary, religious, scientific, sports related, entertainment and films or general magazine. Send fair copy of article to editor. Wait for it to get published, don’t hassle. And even if it does not get published, do not let disappointment overwhelm you. Every disappointment gives message of hard work and new passion.

5-What is column? Column is an English word which literally means pillar or stand. But it hold two meaning in journalism. People related to journalism and literature describe it in their own words. Internationally known American columnist Walter Lipmann writes about column, “I started my career as editorial writer. Therefore, I consider columnist as a person who writes editor with his name”. But according to another American journalist and columnist, Dwight E. Sargent, “columns are such coordinating writings to be published on organizational pages, which include views, comments and explanations. Suggestions and opinions published in columns are more effective than editorial.

6-But it is mandatory for those who wish to become a good writer to become a good and serious readers. Make it habit to read good books regularly, so the writing masterpieces can be fashioned.

7-Always write in winning state of mind on in a fresh mood. Even Urdu writers should learn English language as now a days it has become the language of knowledge.

8-Read the masterpieces of writing written by renowned writer but never copy their style as originality has its own worth.

9-In the initial phase of your career as an writer your focus should be on building your profile. Write even free for renowned newspapers or websites. It will help you a lot in near future for winning the writing job of your choice. All renowned newspaper provides internship opportunities to the fresh graduates. You must avail this opportunity.

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Top Ten Writing Tips in English & Urdu

Top Ten Writing Tips in English & Urdu

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