How To Get Banking Jobs? Career Counseling & Super Tips

How To Find a Job in Bank? Career Guidance & Golden Tips About Bank Jobs
Today we shall discuss the scope of banking jobs and profession in Pakistan and abroad. Banking sector plays a very important role in the economy of any country. Now a days no country can survive without strong banking sector. Banks are necessary for managing the wealth of country. They provide wide range of services to people such as pension/salary payment, loans, lockers and safe deposit facilities, ATM service, credit and debit cards. They boost saving habit among the people by introducing different attractive schemes. They promote industry, housing, commerce and agriculture sector of a country.

How To Get Banking Jobs? Career Counseling & Super Tips

How To Get Banking Jobs? Career Counseling & Super Tips

State bank of Pakistan supervises and regulates all the schedule banks in Pakistan. In Pakistan Islamic banking is also flourishing day by day. Now almost all the banks are providing online services. Banking sector is growing rapidly in the country and producing lots of employment opportunities every year. Foreign and Islamic banks have have created even more jobs in this sector.

Most of the banking jobs are desk jobs. Banks provide sophisticated, relax and excellent working atmosphere. But you need to be very sharp mentally as dealing with money is a bit risky job. But at the same time banks offer best salary packages to their employees. In fact banking profession has become one of the most highly paid professions in Pakistan. You enjoy unlimited career growth opportunities in this profession. But here you can make progress only by showing performance. Only an honest, sharp and hard working professional can excel in this profession. As its a services related job, so an ideal banker should be polite, curtious and confident. Its a very responsible job so it also demands honesty, character and integrity. Its a hard job too in a sense that you have to work at least 10 hours daily. As a custodian you can not leave the banks without balancing the daily transactions.

Career Counseling About Bank Jobs in Pakistan
Due to increasing competition getting a job in any bank has become a tough task. You will have to compete hundreds and some times thousands of candidates. All the banks have different criteria for recruiting the bank officers. Some banks have hired the services of NTS for this purpose, while other banks hire the officers on the basis of departmental test and interview. Banks advertise the vacancies in national news papers and on their websites. After the selection all the banks train the selected candidates before appointing them to any specific job. Some multinational banks recruit officers directly from reputed Management Institutions by organizing on campus talent hunt program.

Eligibility Criteria For Banking Jobs
Eligibility Criteria is obviously not same for every post. For an clerical and cashier level job candidate must have at least a bachelor degree, particularly in business and its related fields. But certainly banks will prefer candidates with higher qualification. For an office level job banks prefer to recruit management graduates or some other business related master degree holders. Your institution also counts in your selection decision. If you have graduated from a high class reputed business school, then chances of your selection will definitely increase. If you posses some extra banking related qualification then it will also be your plus point. Mostly bank have lower age limit 18 years and upper age limit 28 years. But for managerial jobs banks can relax this age limit.

Super Tips About Banking Jobs
1-You should be good at Mathematics and general knowledge.
2-If you are interested in banking career than you must do some related course from Institute of Bankers(IBP), such as JAIBP(Junior Associate of IBP). It is a self study and flexible program. All the private, public and even State Bank of Pakistan recognize this program. It is also accredited by UK’s Chartered Banker Institute. Almost all the banks give cash rewards to their employees on passing this diploma. Even some banks have made it mandatory for departmental promotions. So in spite of any other course you should go for JAIBP.
3-Improve your English speaking and writing skills.
4-Visit the sites of banks regularly.
5-Internship certificate from any bank may also be helpful for you.
6-Last but not least visit daily for guidance and latest alerts about quality banking jobs in Pakistan.

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