Scope of Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Course in Pakistan, Career & Tips

Career Counseling – Scope Assistant Pharmacist (B Category) Diploma in Pakistan Along With Super Tips 

We have decided to publish detailed career counseling articles on scope of all degrees and diplomas available in Pakistan to guide the students. Today we shall discuss the scope of pharmacy technician (B Category) diploma in Pakistan & abroad. Pharmacy technician diploma is also called B category. A pharmaceutical technician is a person who perform different pharmacy related jobs such as compounding, dispensing and work under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist. A pharmacy technician must have good record-keeping skills and the ability to communicate effectively with customers who may be in a stressful situation. A pharmaceutical technician can work in a retail medical store and also in hospital pharmacy. Pharmaceutical companies can also appoint pharmacy technician as sales representative or as industrial worker. He can also get license to run a medical store, which is a very profitable business in Pakistan. Pharmacy technician have also great demand in Europe and Middle East countries. The course assists you to enter a respected profession which is growing rapidly in Pakistan.

Scope Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Course in Pakistan & Abroad

Scope of Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Course in Pakistan & Abroad


Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Course

Every Pakistani citizen who has following qualification is eligible for pharmacy technician diploma

1-Matriculation with science subjects

2-Any equivalent qualification

B Category Course Duration

The total duration of this course is 2 years. In first year student studies following subjects


Pharmacy Technician (B Category) Diploma Subjects

B Category First Year (Theory)                      



There will be one paper of Anatomy and Physiology. Total marks 100 (20+80)

3-Biochemistry.Total marks 100

4-Microbiology.Total marks 100

There will be one paper of Biochemistry and Microbiology too. Total marks 100(50+50)

5-Pharmacognosy. Total marks 100

6-Pharmaceutics-I. Total marks 100

 B Category First Year (Practicals)

1-Anatomy and Physiology. Total marks 100 (20+80)

2-Biochemistry and Microbiology. Total marks 100(50+50)

3-Pharmacognosy.Total marks 100

4-Pharmaceutics-I.Total marks 100


Following subjects are taught in second year

B Category Second Year (Theory papers)

1-Pharmaceutics-3(Hospital and community pharmacy) Total marks 100

2-Pharmaceutics II (Industrial and Quality Control) Total marks 100

3-Social behavior, Law and Ethics. Total marks 100

4-Computer.Total marks 50


B Category Second Year Practicals

1-Pharmaceutics II (Industrial).Total marks 100

2-Pharmacology.Total marks 100

3-Computer.Total marks 50


Pakistan pharmacy council (PPC) conducts the exams of pharmacy technician diploma.50 percent are passing marks both in theory and practical papers. The pattern of paper will comprise of forty percent multiple choice questions (MCQs) and sixty percent short questions. A student can appear in examination twice in a year. Each student will get maximum three chances to pass each examination. If a student shall fail in a paper of theory or practical, he shall reappear only in that respective theory or practical paper in which he has failed. There is no age limit for students and evening classes are also available in some colleges. In short it is a useful diploma which you can get in evening classes with your regular course of studies.

Super Tips

I suggest you to get admission in one of these courses too along with B Category;



DHMS is a 4 years diploma  in homeopathic medical sciences, where as FTJ is also a four year diploma in traditional medicines. There is no separate pharmacy degree in Unani and homeopathic medical systems. FTJ and DHMS diploma holders can start their pharmacy business too. You may start a herbal or homeopathic pharmaceutical company with very low investment.  Margin of profit in herbal and homeopathic medicines is much more than allopathic medicines. If you have big plans in your mind for your future, then act upon my advice. Now DHMS is considered equivalent to BSc in Pakistan. This decision can change your whole future. For more details about future planning in the field of pharmacy, you may contact us any time.




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