Scope of MA Islamic Studies (Islamiat) in Pakistan, Career & Tips

Career & Scope of MA Islamic Studies (Islamiat) in Pakistan & Abroad
Islam is the religion of nature. It is the voice of every human soul. Islam preaches peace, brotherhood, love, equality, justice, sacrifice and humanity. MA Islamic Studies or MA Islamiat enables you to study the Islam in depth. It is a two years program. Almost all the universities in Pakistan offer MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies. Student can also appear in MA Islamist/ MA Islamic studies exams as private candidate. Allama Iqbal open university and some other universities offer this program through distance learning.


Scope of MA Islamic Studies (Islamiat) in Pakistan
This Article is Written By Qamar Iqbal Sufi

Scope of MA Islamic Studies (Islamiat) in Pakistan, Career & Tips

Traditionally students had to join any Islamic Madrasa for studying Islam, but now educated students who want to study Islam go for MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies. MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies is not just limited to Islam only. You read comparative study of religions, Arabic language and literature, modern political and social thoughts, History of Islam and philosophy too. These subjects broaden your vision. Being a Muslim it is also our religious obligation to learn and practice the teaching of Islam and without learning them, we can not practice Islam accurately. It is a highly recommended program for females, because they love teaching jobs and an Islamic minded mother can brought up her child in a better way.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidate must have bachelor degree from any HEC recognized university. Students with Islamic Studies as a elective subject in Bachelor are given preference for admission in public universities.

Part – I
Al Quran al Hakeem
Al Hadith al Sharif
Comparative Study of Religions
Islamic History
Arabic Language and Literature
Part – II
Al Fiqha
Dawah tul Irshad
Islam and Modern Thoughts
Islam and Science/Islam and Philosphy/Modern Islamic world
Islam and Modern Political and Social Thought
In second year students can also specialize in on the following subjects
Hadith & Seerat
Comparative Study of Religion

Who Should Pursue for MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies Degree?
Those who love Islam and want to learn and preach their beloved religion.
Students who want to join teaching line.
Lawyers who want to learn the basics of Islamic laws.

MA Islamiat has great scope in Pakistan, as Islamiat/Islamic Studies is a compulsory subject up to graduate level in Pakistan and MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies degree holder enjoys more job opportunities in educational institutes than other Master degree holders. As Arabic, Islamic History and Modern Political Thoughts are also taught in MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies that’s why many MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies degree holders are also teaching these subjects in private institutions. MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies helps you in the Islamic Studies, History, Political Science, Muslim Law and Jurisprudence and Arabic papers of PMS and CSS. MA Islamiat/MA Islamic Studies is far better than many other Master programs as it will be beneficial for you not only in this world but also here after. So if you join this program then take this program as your religious obligation.

Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Islamic Madrasas
Professional Institutes
News Papers
TV Channels
Government Offices as PCS/PMS/CSS officers
Armed Forces
Civil Service
Foreign & Local Islamic Schools
Islamic Banks

Job Types
Subject Specialist in Government Schools
Private School Teacher
Religious Scholar
Islamic Researcher
Government Officer
Home Tutor
Islamic Banker
Civil Servant
Employee of Foreign Islamic Centers

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