New Alternative Degrees of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre-Medical in Pakistan

Career Counseling-Best New Further Study Options in Pakistan For FSc Pre Medical & A Level Students
“I want to become a doctor.” This is a common notion given by any student who has joined intermediate with Pre-Medical. If not MBBS, then the students would prefer joining BDS to accomplish the dream of having the title Dr. with them. It is not important that every student studying pre-medical makes his way into a medical college. It is important to realize that there are limited seats available in the medical colleges; hence it is not possible to accommodate all those studying in the medical and dental colleges. At the same time there is a lot of competition to get into the medical college.

Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

New Alternative Degrees of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre-Medical in Pakistan

After appearing in the intermediate exams and then in the entry test, the students start aiming high. Some students are confident enough to get through with flying colors. The students failing to enter into the medical college feel, as if they are standing at the crossroads. The ones with a strong financial back ground can switch to joining the private medical colleges or going abroad. Unlike these limited number of students, there is a whole lot that stands aghast, feeling as if the world has come to an end. The aftermath of not getting admission, is a student who is depressed and disappointed. The common perception is tat if you can’t get the title Dr. before your name you cannot do anything as your subject combination limits the options of higher studies.

If we look into the modern times the perception seems wrong. It is not the end of life or career. The subject combination of pre-medical has so much to offer these days. The only thing required is commitment and motivation. It is great to aim for medical as a profession, but if you cannot make it, then it is better to look for further options lying ahead of you. Currently, some medical colleges have even started additional courses like MLT, DPT. On the other hand, the added courses include Pharm-D, BEMS, DVM, BHMS and even masters in various fields of psychology. They young minds have to realize that it is not important to become a doctor, but more important to become an essential member of the society.

Becoming a MBBS doctor does not mean that the problem is solved. There are numerous problems that the doctors face, even when they pass out from their professional colleges. It is not important that all young doctors are successful. They might have to face joblessness, failed private practice and so much more. The young practitioners are often found on roads, going for strikes. Thus, being a doctor is not important. What is important is to become a helpful citizen of the country.

Our Recommendations About Best Alternative Degrees of MBBS & BDS After A-Level & FSc Pre Medical  
Doctor of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS)
Doctor of Optometry (DO)
DMLS (Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences)
Medical Imaging Doctor (MID)
Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND
Doctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS)
Biomedical Engineer
BS Hons
BSc Nursing
BS in Applied Psychology
CSS After Graduation
BS Home Economics For Females

BSc Nursing
Those females who are thinking to change their line must consider FTJ or DHMS options with their regular studies.

Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

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