Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication in Pakistan, Career & Tips

Career Counseling – Why Study Journalism or Mass Communication?
BS and MA journalism and Mass Communication are vocational degrees. Degree in journalism and mass communication open many doors of employment for you in print and electronic media. Media has become fourth pillar of the state. Journalists are enjoying much better salaries than before. Degree or post graduate diploma in journalism or mass communication is a key for joining the thrilling profession of journalism. This is the era of media and such professional programs help you in finding job of your choice in media industry. Yes media has become an industry rather corporate entities. Media houses always need fresh talent for their survival due to cut throat competition in the field.

Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication in Pakistan
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Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication in Pakistan Career & Tips

A good journalist earns much more than your estimates. If you have good writing or speaking ability then a professional degree in journalism or mass communication is the best option for you. If you have good writing power either in Urdu or English language, you can join print media and if you have good speaking skills either in English or Urdu, you will be welcomed by electronic media including TV and radio. Not only you will get good salary package, but also fame, power and respect. Its an open secret that media has become a symbol of power too. Like legal community, journalists too enjoy many undue privileges in our society. I am too a chief editor of first English monthly of human rights in Pakistan and can assure you that this field have lot of room for talent.

Career & Scope of Journalism & Mass Communication in Pakistan 
You can become an anchor person in any news channel. If you can edit or compile news you can become sub editor. If you have good reporting skill you can become field reporter. There are different kinds of field reporters, such as crime reporter (very powerful person), political reporter, sports reporter, court reporter, show biz reporter, commerce reporter, educational reporter, and many more. You can select the beat of your interest. Many desk jobs are also available in news papers and TV channels, such as in different studios, web desk, monitoring desk, editorial board, advertisement section, designing section and several others. If you can write critical and analytical articles on politics, economics, international relations etc you can also become a columnist.

You can get job in public relations department of any government or private organizations. These departments need PR officers to deal with media related matters. All the political parties have established their own media cells to deal with media. MA Journalism degree holder can get jobs in these media cells too.

Advertising agencies also give employment opportunities to creative minded persons. They also offer very handsome salary packages. Fm radios are also providing many jobs for MA journalism degree holders.

Will you believe that i studied journalism in graduation and this subject give me so much confidence that i launched my own monthly magazine. So this subject gives you confidence and you too can launch your own magazine or digest even a daily newspaper. But its better to get some practical exposure before launching your own magazine or digest.

You can become lecturer of journalism through public service commission exams in any government college. Private universities and colleges can also hire you. Many organizations like to appoint MA journalism degree holders in their public dealing departments. Through CSS or PMS you can join civil service of Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in MA or BS Journalism or Mass Communication 
For admission in MA Bachelor degree from any HEC recognized university is required. The students with mass communication as an elective subject in their bachelor degree will be given preference. For admission in BS intermediate in any discipline with good marks is required qualification.

Major Subjects in MA or BS Journalism & Mass Communication 
Usually following subjects are taught in MA/BS Journalism and Mass Communication.
Social Psychology
Comparative Social Sciences
Editorial Page
Press History & Press Laws
Project & Seminars
Research Methodology
Public Relations
History of Pakistan Journalism
English Comprehension
Communication Skills
Technical & Business Writing
Introduction to Computer
Sports Reporting
Business Reporting
Crime Reporting
Semantics Theory
Script Writing Techniques
Magazine Journalism
Electronic Journalism
New Trends in Journalism
Press Ethics
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