B.S (Bachelor of Science) Career, Eligibility, Subjects, Tips & Scope in Pakistan

Career Counseling About B.S (Bachelor of Science) Jobs, Eligibility Criteria , Subjects, Super Tips, Further Study Options & Scope in Pakistan  

B.S or Bachelor of Science is a four year bachelor degree program in science subjects. Traditionally the bachelor degree in Pakistan was a two years program, while the bachelor degree with honor was a 3 year program. While the Bachelor degree in the rest of world was given after four years of studies. That’s why  Pakistani students had to face many difficulties in foreign countries. But HEC took this initiative of introducing four years B.S program in Pakistan. This was a right step in the right direction. Ironically four year Bachelor degree in Arts (Humanities) subjects is also called B.S.

B.S (Bachelor of Science) Career, Eligibility, Subjects, Tips & Scope in Pakistan


B.S (Bachelor of Science), Career, Eligibility, Subjects, Tips & Scope in Pakistan

BS degree is considered equivalent to M.Sc or MA and after BS, students can get admission direct in MS program, which is considered equivalent to M.Phil. Duration of B.S program vary from country to country. In some countries duration of BS program is still three years like Belgium, Austria and Bosnia, but honors degree takes 4 years. While in some other countries like Cuba and Canada (Quebec) duration of B.S program is five year. Last year is dedicated to thesis/professional training/project work or specialization courses. In Mexico the duration of B.S program is 4.5 years. In Pakistan no university register students in BS program as private candidates, so it’s a regular program and you will have to attend classes regularly. Some distance learning universities in Pakistan like Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University are offering variety of BS programs through distance learning. Medium of instruction in most of the BS programs in Pakistan is English.


Eligibility Criteria for Admission in B.S (Bachelor of Science)

Candidates possessing F.Sc/FA/I.COM/ICS certificate (or equivalent qualification such as A Level) with at least second division will be eligible to apply for admission in B.S program.


Bachelor of Science B.S Subjects

Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and English are the compulsory subjects in all BS programs in Pakistan, while other subjects vary from program to program. Almost all the universities offer different B.S programs in Pakistan, but no university offer this program under annual system.


Comparison of 2 Years BA/BSC Pass/Associate Degree and B.S Degree. 

Other than duration the major difference between the two degrees is level of knowledge. In BSc/BA degree students are taught up to 3 different major subjects, whereas in B.S program students are taught one subject in depth. BS degree holder enjoys more employment opportunities than simple BA/BSc degree holder, as in job market there is more demand of B.S degree holders than simple BSc or BA degree holders. Many BA/BSC degree are taught in Urdu language, while medium of instruction in almost all the BS programs is English. In many BS programs you have to write a research paper. BA/BSC exams are taken annually, whereas in B.S program semester system is followed. Government should allow BS students to appear in competitive exams after two years and if a BS student cannot continue his studies after two years, he/she should be granted BA/BSC associate degree. These are two drawbacks of BS program otherwise it is more recommended degree than BA/BSC.


Popular BS Programs in Pakistan

Following is the list of some popular BS programs in Pakistan.

Accounting and Finance

Public Administration



Business Administration


Mass Communication


Banking and Finance


Micro Biology

Home Economics


Fine Arts


Career & Scope of B.S Bachelor of Science  

As BS is considered equivalent to MSC/MA so you can avail all the employment opportunities which an MA/MSC degree holder can avail so kindly read our articles on MA and MSC for further guidance.




Civil Servant

Management jobs

Administrative jobs

Jobs in your related industries/companies and organizations

Desk jobs

Lecturer ship

Media jobs

Banking jobs



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