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Disclaimer About Published Information & Material on Arqumhouse.edu.pk
Arqumhouse.edu.pk is primarily an educational website. Our majority of articles are written by our own academic staff and students. Our institution has a reference library with thousands of books and latest journals. We use reference material like books, newspapers, magazines, research journals and websites for collecting information for our posts. We try our level best to provide the original source, from which we get ideas or information in our each and every post. Still being a human there are chances of any mistake. We are always ready to rectify ourselves  and such mistakes. Just inform us about our mistakes and see the positive results within no time.
We are strictly against plagiarism and try to check each article on plagiarism checking tools twice before publishing it. We have experienced a strange thing that different plagiarism checker tools show different results. Again if any of our student or freelance writer or internee is involved in such an activity, we shall not only apologize you, but also remove such a post immediately from our website. We are thankful to all reference websites like wikipedia.com, as general writers collect basic information from such sites. We have strictly advised our writers that they can just get ideas, facts and figures from other websites. Our team members try to even give the reference of website from where they get fact and figures for writing their articles.
We always try to gather information from reliable and authentic sources, still any mistake is possible from us, so we advise you to visit the original source of information before taking any kind of action on the basis of our given information. Believe me that we have noticed mistakes in reference websites too. Here by original source we mean newspaper ads and official websites of concern authorities, as we are not liable for accuracy, reliability and authenticity of data and information given in our posts. Information given in the newspaper ad and official portal will be considered final.
We request you again to verify and compare our given information with the original source. It does not mean that we publish information without verifying them. This disclaimer is given just because of the fact that to err is human and one must rely more on primary source of information before involving in any activity, which is important for his/her future career or which is related to money. We are just the secondary source of information, still we try to publish our posts after intensive research. You can not blame us for any error/mistake, misleading statement or information, omission or the non authenticity of any given data or information as we have already warned you in this regard.
Disclaimer About Copy Rights of Images & Content on Our Website 
Our editor is a senior lawyer of high court and knows the importance of copy rights. He checks the  posts manually on plagiarism checker tools before publishing them, but as we pointed out that these tools do not give identical, error free and accurate results. So in spite of using plagiarism tools, any mistake is  quite possible by us. Being educationists we respect the copy rights, that’s why just publish original and unique posts after great research. In case of using any material/information/picture for a reference from any source, we give due acknowledgement to the original source. Still we welcome complains and take strict action on them immediately. We use images only from online copy rights free sources.
Some free image providing websites provide very poor support service, as some times when we send them email about the use of their images for an educational website, they do not even reply to our query. We try to avoid such websites too and rely more on https://creativecommons.org and our own custom images. Still we are always ready to remove any copy righted image from our website, which we have used mistakenly. We assure you that there is no chance of publishing any copy righted post on our website. We even try to give the source of our translated work from newspaper and publish the newspaper cutting  below such articles with due acknowledgement of their copy rights. We not only respect but also obey all international and local copy right laws in their true spirit.
As we have mentioned that Arqumhouse.edu.pk just publish unique and genuine content , so  we hope that you will also not use our copy righted material. You can use our material for non commercial purposes with proper due acknowledgement (Do Follow Link) and after written permission by us. Our legal team will first give you just legal notice through your provided contact details, later on strict legal action will be taken you for violating our copy rights.
Arqumhouse.edu.pk is not responsible for any mistake in newspaper ads/websites of different organizations and educational institutes. You must remember that we are neither responsible for their authenticity or the information given in their ads or official portals, so call them personally for verifying any information before involving in any activity based on given information on our website.
Our Comment Policy
We welcome comments, positive criticism and suggestions by our visitors. We provide information and reply your queries as per our best of knowledge and beliefs. We don’t have all the knowledge of the world. So verify our replies from original source too. Repeated questions will not be replied. A person who will use abusive  language will be banned. Wait at least for 24 hours for reply of your query. Kindly take our comment section as an forum and help others by replying their queries. Decision of editors will be considered final for approval of comments. We also reserve the rights to disable comments for certain period of time. Mean while you may contact us through our contact us page. Last but not least we are committed to transfer all our knowledge to you guys, but remember that we are not super heroes, mistakes are possible from us in our content and replies, but we are always ready to rectify us. Wish you all the best.