Top 20 Tips For Competitive Exams Preparation (CSS, PMS, CSS, NTS, ETEA)

Top 20 Golden Tips About All Kinds of Competitive Exams Preparation Like CSS, PMS, CSS, NTS & ETEA Tests
Since ages competitive exams are considered as a road to success. They bring home prestige and honor. They give a stable professional career and way to the success and prosperity. Success in the competitive exams is often considered as a matter of luck, but the truth is little different. Struggle, hard work and commitment are the basis of success in these exams. Anyone planning to move ahead with the competitive examination must put in the maximum efforts to lead to a professional uplift. Nothing is possible without the hard work. It is not as difficult as it is assumed.

Top 20 Tips For Competitive Exams Preparation (CSS, PMS, CSS, NTS, ETEA)

Top 20 Tips For Competitive Exams Preparation (CSS, PMS, CSS, NTS, ETEA)

We have a set of great tips for those readers who ate going to appear in the competitive exams. In our country these exams are taken at central and provincial level. The entry tests conducted by NTS and ETEA are also a form of the competitive exams. Whatever the type or level is the solution is one, stay focused. Let’s see how we can help our future officers.

Top 20 Super Tips For Success in Any Competitive Exam Like CSS, PMS, PCS, ETEA & NTS

1-It is very important to do tactfully in the preparations phase. Learning by heart is not the solution as you are working for a much mature form of examination. It requires conceptual strength and clarity of concepts. The subject wise syllabus details are provided by the examination department. Go through each related concept deeply. Retain the concepts well. It is very important to have a keen look on the current affairs as it makes an integral part of the syllabus. Always get an insight into the paper format with the help of the past papers.

2-Don’t ignore the compulsory subjects like Islamiat, Pakistan studies and English while preparing for any competitive exam like PCS, CSS or PMS. Passing compulsory papers is a must. In this regard building the vocabulary and the comprehension practice is very important specially of English papers. Consult reference materials and also pay regular visits to the library. You can end up your preparation by taking sample tests through the academies.

3-When in the examination hall, build your confidence. Objective part makes a great contribution in the overall scores. Don’t take the challenge of attempting the question you are not confident about. Doing the objective questions wrong can take away your marks you have scored by attempting the questions correctly. Once you are successful in the written test start working on the interview and psychological tests and then appear with full force.

4-The key to success is preparation and the belief that you can do it. We look forward to a successful competitive officer working for the good of the country. We are here to guide you and direct you in all possible ways.

5-Try to improve your creative writing skill by writing at least one essay and one paragraph on different topics daily.

6-“Who is Who & What is What is What” is considered as first best resource book for preparation of general knowledge papers.

7-Your self confidence plays a key role in your success in any competitive exam, so work hard and then appear in the exam with winner’s mindset. You must have full confidence upon your preparation and memory otherwise believe me that you will forget even very important questions during the exam. Appear  in the exam with a conquerer’s mentality.

8-Libraries, past papers, English news papers/current affairs journals, English news channels, Internet (Demo tests) are best resources for preparation of any competitive exam.

9-Avoid taking elective subjects about which you have no prior knowledge like legal subjects, science subjects, commerce subjects & specially English literature. There is hell of difference between English literature and English literature.

10-Write the maximum relevant facts and figure and quotations in bold letters. Make a note book for writing such quotations which can be used on number of occasions.

11-Start your preparation for competitive exams right after matriculation. Chose the subjects in Inter and Graduation very intelligently. Indo Pak History, Islamic History, Political Science, Civics and local languages are considered most recommended subjects for CSS aspirants.

12-Don’t be afraid of everyday science paper as general scientific questions of maximum intermediate level are asked in this paper. You emphasis should be on clearing your scientific concepts and strengthening of your English vocabulary and grammar. Write the answers in your own words after understanding the concepts. First read science books of Matriculation level in Urdu for clearing your concepts.

13-No one can suggest you any book for preparation of current affairs paper. You will have to read the newspaper and current affairs journals of at least last one year thoroughly.

14-For Islamic Studies and Pakistan affairs paper you need to read the Bachelor level books of Islamic studies and Indo Pak History/Pakistan Studies.

15-English papers need preparation and continuous practice of at least one year. Soon we shall give your handy tips about preparation of English paper.

16-Right selection of subjects can ensure your success in CSS or PMS exams. You may consult us for professional advice from our team which includes ex-gazetted government officers.

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19-You need to make 2 strategies for any competitive exam preparation i.e long term and short term strategies. Short term strategies help you in achieving the goal of your long term strategy, so don’t ignore them.

20-Try to improve your EQ level as its also equally important to IQ level. Remember that IQ + EQ = Success.

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