Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

Career & Scope of MBBS & BDS – Career Counseling Article in English & Urdu
Life has changed very rapidly. There were times when kids loved to play the simple games. The plastic casing gaming gadget filled with water and colorful rings was a common playing gadget. They were simple yet fun, when the goal of the game was to get the maximum rings in the holders attached inside. Times changed these manual games were replaced by battery operated simple devices. The simple geometrical figures appeared like figures or automobiles on the screen, which were controlled by the gaming operator. In these simple times the parents wished to see their kids in white doctor’s gown. The technology entered into our lives. Mobile phones invaded the scene and then everything went under the control of mobiles. The revolution made the dreams more intense and it is fore casted that soon the number of doctors will multiply to a greater extent.

Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

In order to materialize the dream, it is important to have a high scoring academic background. The students have to struggle really hard for their admission in the medical colleges at secondary, higher secondary level. A combination of 10% in secondary school, 40% in higher secondary and 50% in the entry test is what qualifies him for further admission. Thus, it becomes important to score maximum marks in each of these exams. Don’t consider this an only few hours examination, it is much more than this. These few hours spent in the examination hall for the entry test can write your entire future. The phenomenon does not stop here; it has given birth to the culture of academies meant to train for the entry tests and charging a handsome amount. A very little number of students qualify for the admissions after so much effort and struggle.

The fate of MBBS & BDS doctors is still undecided. It’s this group of doctors who are seen on roads agitating and leaving their hospitals in the name of strikes. Those unfortunate ones who cannot get admission are then compelled to join other fields like pharmacy. Private medical colleges become a blessing for those who were initially rejected in the entry test of the government medical colleges, but still have some bucks in their pockets in the name of afford-ability.

There are number of private medical institutions, but the standard is questionable. They are far more expensive than the public sector institutions. The candidates who opt to join these private sector institutions turn out to be heartless and cruel practitioners devoid of all ethics and morals at the time they pass out.

Despite all the ordeals and difficulties in this field, the craze is immensely increasing. This leaves everyone baffled that why just medical/MBBS/BDS? The white overall, the working environment all have a glamor for those outside the profession, but the truth is if you become a doctor either you change into a money making machine or you die of starvation spending a life of deprivation. In this changing world, where everything has become innovative, we have to look for a better mind set. We have to look for more options professionally rather than restricting ourselves to MBBS & BDS only. There are many alternatives of MBBS and BDS like

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Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

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