BDS & MBBS in China 2024 For Pakistani Students-Tips in Urdu & English

Study Abroad- BDS & MBBS in China 2024 For Pakistani Students-Pros & Cons, Scholarships, Precautions & Guide in Urdu & English

Holy Prophet (PBUH) stated, “Seek knowledge, even if you have to go to China.” Although many religious scholars don’t agree with the authenticity of this hadith, but Indonesian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad described the hadith in a totally different manner. He is of the view that knowledge has no limits and boundaries. It can progress anywhere in the world. It is not just a matter of religious education, but the worldly knowledge can be sought from anywhere in the world. He is of the view that the knowledge and education can change the picture of the world. It is essential for the economic and social growth of any nation and country. Today we shall discuss a hot topic  in detail i.e BDS & MBBS in China for Pakistani students.




Over the last few years China has become one of the most preferred states for the Pakistani youth to peruse their education. There are many factors to be considered before deciding for China. It has both the pros and the cons.


Many universities in smaller towns have low quality institutions. They might be cheap but they don’t have quality educational services. During the stay in these small towns the expenditure is also little. They don’t have to pay much for their personal needs like food, residence etc. In comparatively larger cities like Shinghai and Beijing the expenditure is much greater. The overall analysis shows that there is not much difference in the medical education in both Pakistan and China. They offer the same education as is being offered in renowned universities of Pakistan.


Lack of professional institutions in Pakistan has forced the youth to move towards China. There were times when Chinese universities were not preferred by the youth, but as the financial status improved and the ranking of their universities improved globally, more and more students are getting attracted towards the Chinese universities. If a student is looking forward to get admission in a Chinese University, it is important to determine the medium of education. Many students faced the challenges when they moved to China. It was a deception for them. They joined a university and fell into problem when they physically reached there and found that the university has Chinese as the medium of instruction.


Thus, it is safe to coordinate with Pakistani Embassy there to get maximum possible knowledge about the desired institute. Unfortunately, our embassy there has not proved its worth by helping the young students going to China for higher studies. Unlike Pakistan, the Indian Embassy facilitates their students to a greater extent. They have even started a link to provide necessary online information to their students. Even Pakistani students can visit their page to get the information. Many students from both nationalities are studying in China.


Chinese medical institutions offer number of scholarships to help the students continue their universities. Currently, the most important and renowned institutions offering Medical education include Hubei University, China Medical University, Chongqin Medical University and Shenyang Medical University.


After the completion of five years of Medical education, they have to complete a year of house job. The Chinese Medical graduates have to pass a test of Pakistan Medical and Dental Association to become a registered practitioner (RMP) in Pakistan. Read the details in Urdu about BDS & MBBS in China for Pakistani students below this page. Stay connected with and its facebook page for reading study abroad tips and  tricks.  You may contact our career counseling team for individual guidance about BDS & MBBS in China for Pakistani students.


BDS & MBBS in China 2024 For Pakistani Students-Tips in Urdu & English



BDS & MBBS in China 2020 For Pakistani Students-Tips in Urdu & English

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