Scope of BEMS in Pakistan, Intro, Eligibility, Jobs, Career & Subjects   

Scope of Best Herbal Medicine Degree BEMS (Bachelors in Eastern Medicine & Surgery) in Pakistan & UAE, Introduction, Eligibility, Jobs, Tips, Career & Subjects   

BEMS is a five year under graduate degree program in Unani /Eastern or herbal medicine. In India the same degree is called BUMS. HEC and NCT (National Council for Tibb) have recognized this degree. Ministry of health government of UAE has also recognized BEMS degree, so BEMS doctors are eligible for private practice in UAE. FTJ was the first recognized diploma in the field of Eastern medicines in Pakistan. Hakim Muhammad Saeed Shaheed launched the BEMS program first time in Pakistan, which is a degree program and is equivalent to MBBS. This degree was introduced to alleviate the status of herbal physicians and to promote research culture in the field of Eastern  and herbal medicine.

Career & Scope Of FTJ (Fazil E Tibb Wal Jarahat)-Best Herbal Medicine Program

Scope of BEMS in Pakistan, Intro, Eligibility, Jobs, Career & Subjects

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in Best Herbal Medicine Degree

Candidate must have passed FSc pre medical with minimum 60% marks or any equivalent qualification like A Level

Candidates having BSc degree in biological sciences from any HEC recognized university

Candidates having FTJ diploma can also apply fo condensed BEMS course

Universities Offering BEMS Degree

Islamia University Bahawalpur

Hamdad University Karachi

Qarshi University Lahore


Employment Areas

Herbal Pharmaceutical industry

Unani Medical Colleges

Medical Transcription

Research Laboratories

Private Clinics

Herbal Medicine Stores

Government Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Homeopathic Medical Colleges

Electronic & Print Media


Job Types

Private Practitioner


Lecturer in Unani Medical Colleges

Lecturer of Basic Biological Sciences in Homeopathic Colleges

Herbal Medicine Officer in Hospitals


Quality Testing Officer in Herbal Medicine Companies



As compare to past now a days doctors of Eastern medicines have more career scope. They can start their own herbal medicine store, which is a quite profitable business. They may also start their herbal medicine pharmacy, as they can easily get its permission due to their qualification. There is no separate pharmacy degree in Eastern medicines. All private and government institutes prefer BEMS doctors than FTJ hakeems to appoint in their panels of physicians. BEMS doctors are given 17th grade in government hospitals and dispensaries. There is a need of large number of researchers in this field, you can join any herbal medicine pharmaceutical company or research laboratory for this purpose.

Comparison between BHMS and BEMS

BHMS is a bachelor level degree in Homeopathic medicines and surgery, while BEMS is a bachelor level degree program in Eastern medicines and surgery. Both the degree program are best alternative for those students who could not get admission in MBBS or BDS.

Comparison between FTJ and BEMS

BEMS is a far better program than FTJ. BEMS is a degree level program, while FTJ is a diploma equivalent to intermediate. FTJ diploma holders are given 16th grade in job in government hospitals, whereas BEMS graduates are given 17th grade. All departments and government hospitals prefer to hire BEMS degree holders. Medium of instruction is English in BEMS. You can get admission to any Master degree after BEMS.

Further Study Options



















Gynecology and Obstetric

Psychology & Psychiatry

Forensic Medicines & Toxicology


Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical Methods & Therapeutics


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