How to Prepare the Compulsory Papers of CSS? Super Tips

How to Clear the Compulsory Papers of CSS? Golden Tips
We are now going to discuss the preparation strategy for CSS compulsory papers. Compulsory papers of CSS are as important as optional papers. Command on these subjects will help you in clearing the PMS and PCS exam too. We shall step by step discuss the exam preparation strategy for all compulsory subjects of CSS. There are total six compulsory subjects in CSS exam. Three are related to general knowledge, 2 are about English and one is Islamiat. All these compulsory papers of CSS carry equal marks i.e 100. Total marks of CSS compulsory papers are 600. You will have to select optional papers of 600 marks too. We shall soon write detailed article on them too.

How to Prepare the Compulsory Papers of CSS? Super Tips

How to Prepare the Compulsory Papers of CSS? Super Tips

1-Islamic Studies
Many candidates do not take paper of Islamiat seriously. They think that being a Muslim we know the fundamentals of Islam. Due to which a large number of brilliant candidates fail in this paper every year. Remember every subject of CSS is equally important and just having basic knowledge of Islam is not enough for obtaining good marks in the paper of Islamic studies. You can attempt the paper of Islamic Studies both in Urdu and English, but it is recommended to attempt the paper in English. Make preparation for the following topics carefully.
Holy Quran, Sunnah, Ijmah(Consensus), Qiyas, Istehsan and Ijtihad (Reasoning)
Present situation of Muslim ummah
Need of religion and its role in human life
Islamic ideology, Khatm e Nabuat, fundamentals of Islam
Toheed, Risalat, Salat, Soum, Hajj and Jihad
Sources of Shariah, Muslim ummah, role and objectives
Islamic political, legislative, economic, moral, social and judicial system
Comparative study of religions.
Sources of Knowledge, Wahy as a source of knowledge and solution to all problems.
Last 10 Surrah of the Holy Quran with translation.

2-English Essay
It is the most challenging paper in CSS exam. Majority of candidates fail in this paper every year. Practice is the key for mastering the art of essay writing. You should write essays on different topics from past papers of CSS. Write at least one essay daily. If you don’t have sufficient material about any topic then first collect basic information about that topic from internet, consult any senior or teacher, read some essays on that particular topic, organize the information and after that write a unique and original essay in your own words. It’s a hard but rewarding job. Also read English newspapers, journals and books daily. Watch CNN, BBC and Geo English channels for improving your English.

3-Pakistan Affairs
If you have chosen Indo Pak history as an optional subject then you can easily attempt this paper too. In fact it is not a tough subject at all, because Pakistan studies is a compulsory subject in Pakistan for all classes till bachelor level. Most questions are taken from syllabus of inter and bachelor classes, so if you have got good marks in Pak studies paper in inter and bachelor level, then now again your chances are bright.

4-Every Day Science
Arts students take this subject as difficult one, but you can easily go through this paper if you have basic knowledge about Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Read matriculation level books of these subjects for clearing your basic concepts. Then read FSc level books and in the last solved past papers.

5-Current Affairs
No one can suggest any book for current affairs, so you will have to keep yourself updated about the current happenings around the world. If you are a regular reader of newspapers you will feel no difficulty in attempting this paper. Specially prepare the following topics
Pakistan’s relations with other countries
Issues related to local and international politics.
International organizations and Pakistan’s role in them.
Important political, social and economic affairs of the world.
Current issues discussed in electronic and print media.
So called super powers their policies.
Geo political situation of the region.

6-English (Precis & Composition)
This paper is intended to test the candidate’s command of the English language and may include precis writing, translation, comprehension, usage of idioms, direct & indirect, active voice passive voice and correction of sentences. You must know the rules of English grammar to handle this paper. This papers demands lot of practice. We can also suggest you one thing i.e practice, practice and practice.
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