Institutes Review-Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan, Admission, Problems & Solutions

Standard of Medical Education in Pakistan- Admission Problems & Solutions 
Medicine is one of the most sacred professions, but now a days every one want to become doctor not for the sake of serving humanity but just to become rich overnight. We as a nation have become materialistic in approach. Rich or poor everyone wants to admit his child in medical or dental college by hook or by crook. The demand of MBBS and BDS degree has increased a lot. That’s why establishing a private medical college in Pakistan has become the most profitable business. A former president of PMDC approved a large number of medical colleges in Pakistan during his tenure.

Institutes Review - Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Institutes Review-Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan, Admission, Problems & Solutions

According to senior member of young doctor association Dr Amir Bandaisha” if someone implements rules of Pakistan medical and dental association, all these colleges will be closed” Every medical college has one hundred seats and every dental college has fifty seats each. Annual fee per student is six to seven lacs. In spite of five hundred students of five MBBS classes and two hundred and fifty students of five BDS classes, these colleges also offer D pharmacy, DPT, nursing and other diploma classes. A private medical college earns about one billion rupees in a year. No other industry can be compared with profitability of private medical colleges. Why PMDC does not regulate these colleges to improve the standard of medical education in the country. Even now the degrees of private medical college of Faisalabad are no recognized.

Private medical colleges have increased in number than the public medical colleges in Sindh and Punjab. This epidemic is also spreading in KPK, Baluchistan and AJK. Public medical colleges in Punjab are 18 while dental medical colleges are 3. On the other hand private medical colleges and dental colleges in Punjab are respectively 28 and 12. In Sindh public medical colleges are 9 and dental medical colleges are 4, while private medical colleges are 13 and dental colleges are 12. You can decide yourself that if this is not a highly profitable business. if your answer is in no, then kindly explain that why these colleges are spreading like mushrooms throughout the country.

If someone becomes a doctor by spending about 5 million rupees on medical education, then how we can expect that he will devote his life in serving humanity. Some private medical colleges in Pakistan take one million along with donation for oversea seat. These medical colleges do not have complete faculty and proper teaching hospitals. A large number of students are getting admission in non-recognized private medical colleges of China. Pakistan medical association is not raising voice for need of improvement in medical education and teaching hospitals. Only Wasif Nagi and Abid Tahami write on these issues in print media.

Government has bound private teaching hospitals to reserve 40 percent beds for poor patients for free treatment, but everybody knows that this rule is being violated in all private teaching hospitals. Government should strictly watch these merchants in medical profession. Government should conduct special audit of PMDC, college of physicians and surgeons and private medical colleges in Pakistan. At least forty percent seats should be reserved for deserving students in all private medical colleges in Pakistan.


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