How to Avoid Depression & Overcome Disappointment? Self Help Tips

Self Help-How to Overcome Disappointment & Avoid Depression? Tips in English & Urdu
Human life has many moments when disappointment comes in his way. The three major occasions leading to the disappointment are:
1-When constant struggle, hard work and endeavors prove futile and no success comes his way.
2-When it seems that his goals were reachable, but instead of struggle, he gets disappointed by looking at those in better position than him.
3-Failure in maintaining a love relation is another cause of disappointment.

How to Avoid Depression? Super Tips

How to Avoid Depression & Overcome Disappointment? Self Help Tips

The people suffering from the first case disappointment are not difficult to find. They are present all around you. These people belong to the category, who always fails. In this case, there are many factors involved in his failure. It is not just the person himself, but actually the world around him is equally responsible. It is very difficult for the honest people to survive in the world successfully. At this point if you want to fight back the disappointment start hating some people. Make this hatred powerful venom against the apparent successful people around you. Shortlist such people and include the ones having the maximum negative traits. Analyze these and you will find that you have to fight back against the odds. Your failure is not because you cant do it, but instead it is because they have gained all this through illegal ways. This compels you to move ahead, especially when you feel that if people much inferior to you can progress, why cant you?

The second cause of disappointment is envy. When a person is about to reach the pinnacle, he starts looking at those prospering and progressing. At this point it is important to realize the concept of assets and liabilities. Every balance sheet has both. A person looking successful is not as successful as he appears. His life has many weaknesses. He might be progressing, but at the same time his life might be deprived of so many moments to share. He might have more tears than smiles on his face. He might be lacking in many areas. So get rid of disappointment by stepping away from such thoughts. Don’t get carried away by emotions. This can take you away from happiness and success. Always compare the haves and have nots.

Love is the third reason behind disappointment. You try to be a great lover of your beloved, but after sometime you find that you were never loved, but you always loved. To fight back this kind of disappointment, try to explore the spiritual side of your life. Find the true love in your creator and believe me that best way to to love your creator is to love and serve his creations.

Last but not least remember that disappointment and depression are the causes of more than 80% diseases. Positive approach towards life can help us in avoiding depression and overcoming the disappointment.     You may read the details in Urdu language about “How to avoid depression & overcome disappointment?”. Main idea of our this post has been taken from Yasir Pirzada’s column. Stay connected with our self help category for guidance about different psychological issues and success tips.

How to Avoid Depression & Overcome Disappointment? Self Help Tips


How to Avoid Depression & Overcome Disappointment? Self Help Tips

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