Top Ten Job Interview Questions & Super Tips in Urdu & English

Career-Top Ten Job Interview Questions & Golden Tips in English & Urdu
What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is the most essential question asked in every interview. Apparently the question is easy, but as a matter of fact all that seems easy is actually not easy. For a task that looks easy a more vigorous effort is required. Such tasks need attention, careful attitude and concentration. You must be aware of the objective of the job you are going for. You must be clear about the mission statement, the goals and the need of hiring a worker. An interview is not just the conversation between two individuals leading to a long term commitment, but it is a very technical thing. It requires the candidate to start and finish the whole process in an impressive way. The first and the last impression of the candidate are highly essential. The candidate has to be confident enough to face the authorities. Self confidence is the key to success at all levels.


The most important element for the interview is practice. The more you practice, the better are the chances of success. You can seek the help of your family and friends to practice for the interview. The weak areas can be pointed out by your loved ones and then you can overcome these successfully before the interview.

The job interview questions related to the strengths and weaknesses go side by side during the interview. Once the job interview questions are answered successfully, they can open new areas for you. The better the job interview questions are answered, the more are the chances to get a better job for a glorious future. The answer of the candidate gives an insight into the personality of the candidate that to what extent the candidate suits the job
It is essential to know about the organization before going there for the interview. The necessary details about the organization can be found on the internet. This helps you understand the system and the organization you have applied for.

The candidate’s preparation is followed by his appearance in the interview. No matter how hard the candidate has prepared for the interview, unless he performs well, he cannot impress the employer. Being a candidate you must have all the skills to persuade the employer to hire you. You have to make the employer that you are the potential candidate for the job. You have to prove your worth for the institution. Portray your skills, abilities and potential in an impressive.

Before appearing for the interview it is better to enlist your strengths along with what people think about you. Enlist only those elements which are required for the job you are applying for.

While answering the job interview questions mentions the key words like leadership, trust etc to impress your employer.

Modern world is fraught with the job related problems. On one hand, the job prospects are getting limited and on the other hand the competition is multiplying too. Thus, it is very essential for the youth to prove their skills to the best. On this page you may read the top ten job interview questions in Urdu too. Hopefully you will also like to read following posts of

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Top Ten Job Interview Questions & Super Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Job Interview Questions & Super Tips

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