How to Get Government Job in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

How to Win a Government Job in Pakistan? Top Ten Super Tips
Majority of our youngsters love to get government job after graduation. Its a fact government can not provide jobs to all unemployed educated youngsters. First of all you need to change your mindset. Government job should not be your first priority. Students must study technical and professional subjects as per their aptitude. Still today we shall guide you about “how to get government job in Pakistan” along with top ten super tips. You can get government job in Pakistan through following routes;


How to Get Government Job in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

NTS Test
Now a days government departments are hiring the services of NTS (National Testing Service) for recruitment on non gazetted government jobs.

ETEA is a public testing service of KPK. It just take recruitment tests for government jobs in KPK.

Provincial Public Service Commission
Provincial public service commission conducts the PCS and PMS exams for their respective provinces.

Federal Public Service Commission
FPSC conducts the CSS exams and recruitment tests for non gazetted federal jobs.

Departmental Recruitment Tests
Many government departments take departmental recruitment tests like NBP, Pak Army, Navy, ASF and PAF.

How To Clear PCS, NTS, ETEA & NTS Recruitment Tests?
These tests are of MCQ type. Candidates will have to clear a MCQ type paper of 100 marks. Each question carry just one mark. Generally 40% are the passing marks. MCQs are asked about following subjects;
Everyday Science
Pakistan Affairs/History of Pakistan/Pak Studies
Islamic Studies
General Mathematics
Current Affairs
General Knowledge
Basic IT

How to Clear CSS & PMS Exams?
CSS & PMS exams are best route to get gazetted job in Pakistan. CSS & PMS exams are much difficult exams than PCS, NTS, ETEA and departmental exams. Students have to clear compulsory and optional subjects of their choice in these competitive exams. We have written following articles to guide the aspirants of CSS and PMS.

Top 20 Tips For Competitive Exams Preparation (CSS, PMS, CSS, NTS, ETEA)

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Best Recommended Book to Start Preparation
“Who is who and what is what” is the first recommended book for you to start your preparation.

Top Ten Tips For Winning a Government Job in Pakistan

Here are most recommended top ten tips for you about how to get government job in Pakistan.
1-Read daily English newspapers and view English news channels to improve your vocabulary and general knowledge.

2-CSS aspirants must appear in PMS, NTS, ETEA and departmental recruitment tests too, for checking their preparation level. In case of success do accept the job as one in hands is better than two in bushes.

3-Make your long term strategy immediately after clearing the SSC exam, Chose those subjects in inter and bachelors, which you want to opt in CSS and PMS exams as optional subjects.

4-Try to improve your confidence level by participating in co curricular activities, like speeches, group discussion, quiz competitions and healthy sports.

5-You will have to learn the art of creative writing. This art will help you in answering any question in your own words.

6-Just creative writing skills are not enough as you must have very good general knowledge, as you can not write even a paragraph on any topic without having sufficient information about it. So change your reading habits, read books on general knowledge. Use the internet positively. Wikipedia can help you a lot in increasing your general knowledge.

7-Your first aim should be competitive exam, it will help you in clearing the PMS, NTS, ETEA, PCS and departmental recruitment tests too.

8-For joining the Pak Army, Navy and PMF, you will have to increase your IQ & EQ level too. Two years of intermediate are very important for joining the armed forces. You will have to improve your general knowledge, academic and communication skills a lot during these two years.

9-Never lose heart after failure in any recruitment test for getting a government job in Pakistan. Your preparation will help you in future tests.

10-Stay connected with and our facebook page for more guidance about how to get government job in Pakistan. Wish you best of luck & please never feel hesitation in asking questions to our team of career counselors.

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