How To Clear All Kinds of Psychological Tests? Top Ten Super Tips

How To Clear Different Kinds of Intelligence/Personality/Aptitude/Psychological Tests? Top 10 Golden Tips
Psychological tests are also called intelligence tests, personality tests and aptitude tests. Psychological tests are integral part of all competitive exams like CSS, PMS, PCS and even ISSB. Some institutions also take psychological tests for recruitment purposes. Universities take aptitude tests before granting admissions, which is also a type of psychological test. Thousands of student fail ever year in psychological tests due to lack of proper guidance in this regard. Psychological test are designed to read your real traits of your personality.

How To Clear All Kinds of Psychological Tests? Top Ten Super Tips
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How To Clear All Kinds of Psychological Tests? Top Ten Super Tips

Types of Questions Asked in a Typical Psychological Test
Following types of questions can be asked in psychological tests
1-Math equation,
2-Writing a paragraph about a picture
3-Writing a picture story
4-Writing a sentence story
5-Guessing the next number or alphabet in a sequence.
6-Writing a paragraph on the topic of your choice or on a given topic.
7-Completing the sentence
8-Multiple choice questions
9-Word association
10-Writing a sentence about multiple words
11-True false
12-Fill in the blanks

Top Ten Super Tips
1-Many organizations provide sample of psychological test. You should first read those samples carefully to familiarize your self about the expected pattern of upcoming psychological test. Then search online material on related type of question and practice them online. If the sample psychological test are not available then buy some books about psychological tests in which you are going to appear. If no book is available on your specific psychological test then you can buy some books on general psychological tests.

2-Practice is the key to success in all kind of exams, so try to practice at home as much as you can.

3-Make a list of your personal beliefs, likes and dislikes as in many psychological tests different questions are asked about your reaction in different complex situations. Your list should be moderate type. This will help you a lot in answering such questions.

4-Don’t try to pose your self as super human your answers should be realistic. Some time same question is repeated in different words just to check your concentration level. So remain relaxed during the psychological test as it is also the test of your nerves.

5-Read the questions carefully and analyze the first answer which appears in your mind quickly as usually first reaction is probably the right answer.

6-Improve your English vocabulary as majority of psychological tests are in English and if you can not understand the meaning of question then how you can answer it correctly.

7-Avoid telling a lie as psychologists are more genius than you and they will easily detect you lie.

8-If the questions are MCQ type then read all the options even if you think that you have found the right choice. If you don’t know the correct answer then read the question again carefully and use your common sense for guessing the correct option.

9-Remember you must remain calm during the test otherwise you will not be able to use your common sense. But if the rule of negative marking applies on test then leave the question.

10-Never spend too much time on any question and observe the time limit carefully from the start of test.

11-Always appear in the test with winning state of mind. Never think even for a moment that you can not clear the test.

12-Take bath early in the morning on the test day and say your prayer. Believe me that prayer will change your state of mind.

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