Scope of Statistics, Jobs & Career

Scope of Statistics in Pakistan, Career & Jobs,

Statistics is the field of knowledge that makes use of the mathematical operations in conducting a scientific procedure through data comparison, analysis, and presentation. Statisticians make the best utilization of their knowledge in collecting the data according to the required designs and then interpreting them through various experiments. This data and the results can be used in various fields of interest like economics, natural sciences, social sciences, health sector, sports, governmental calculations and much more.

Scope of Statistics, Jobs & Career

Scope of Statistics, Jobs & Career

The statistical data is a great source of information in case of defense and military fields too. It is very important to keep firsthand knowledge regarding the population and demographical details of a country. Thus, statistics becomes a key to the developmental studies of a country that can help in the long term planning.

Students acquiring degrees in the subject of Statistics seem pre-occupied with the question of careers. It seems that they have limited options when it comes to the application of knowledge at the professional level. The perception is wrong. From small home based works to academic researches to large industrial analysis and national policy making, statistics is applied. Thus, there is a vast scope of statistics for the degree holders, what is required is a little career research and planning.

Some key careers that a Pakistani youth can search for after completing his degree in statistics are as follows:

  • Statisticians can be helpful in the industrial production. They can help in the sales by keeping an eye on the quality of the products. Thus, they have a greater scope in the industrial units manufacturing automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and the software companies. They are also a great helping hand in various other departments of the industries that are concerned with the product manufacturing, and risk management along with the different marketing departments of the various businesses.
  • Being a developing country Pakistan requires a close check on the demographic picture of the nation too. It is through the statistical data acquired that the social, economic, financial, educational planning is conducted. Thus, there is a great opportunity to explore in the government sector especially the bureau of statistics.
  • There is a specialized field of biostatisticians which is important in the field of health sciences.
  • The statisticians can further acquire specialized economics based degrees in which they can help in the economic analysis of the country. The degree holders can use their knowledge in the trade policy making by giving an analysis of inflation rates, trade balance, rate of production etc.

Statistics is an applied subject which is used in unlimited fields. Thus, a student of statistics can get the best possible career opportunities.


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