EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Vs IQ (Intelligence Quotient)-Success Tips

Self Help-EQ Level (Emotional Quotient) Vs IQ Level (Intelligence Quotient)-Super Tips For Success in LifeĀ 
Emotional quotient or Intelligence quotient? Most of the people are often confused that which one is the true stimulus to success. IQ determines the mental health, while emotional quotient or EQ determines the psychological strength in shape of emotional strength that can help overcome several psychological and emotional phenomenon. It helps in regulating the responses in times of stress and anxiety especially when it comes to become successful. Although it was always believed that IQ determines the level of success, but it has been proved that EQ contributes more than IQ. IQ is just mind but EQ is the entire human life fraught with the desire to fight and win. It gives us the emotional strength.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Vs IQ (Intelligence Quotient)-Success Tips

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Vs IQ (Intelligence Quotient)-Success Tips

Intelligence Quotient or IQ is just the brainy side of life. It is a temporary phenomenon that is visible only when it is required. It is active when one has to deal with the academic problems or those concerning the intellectual matters. Thus, there utility is for a certain time. On the other hand, the emotional quotient or EQ has long-term implications. It deals with the personality traits and is the ability to deal with the most difficult situations. It is the answer to the challenges that we encounter anytime in our life. The people with high EQ are calm and peaceful. Instead of getting tensed and stressed they think and plan to fight any odd in their life. Even when in the hardest problems they work peacefully and think for a better solution instead of getting distracted, disappointed and discouraged. Thus, the ratio of success among people with high EQ multiplies.

Remember that you can succeed in exams, quizzes on the basis of your IQ level but for success in your personal life, interviews, intelligence tests and pressure situations, you will have to improve your emotional intelligence. An emotionally weak person can easily be defeated. People can easily discover and exploit his weaknesses. So try to be positive, calm and emotionally strong in all situations of your life. Always remember just one rule in life that where there is a problem there is a solution. Stress is not part of solution rather it is part of problem. Never allow any situation to break your nerves. Remember that every human being is a super man and son of centuries. Your brain think much faster than a super computer. Just firm belief in your ability to handle any situation can make you undefeatable. We are always here to guide you in this regard.

The relative proportion of the role played by EQ and IQ is 85% and 15% respectively. To become a successful person you cannot rely on any one of these. Success is composed of both. Thus, to acquire your goals improve both. We want you to excel in whatever you do, thus we have many ideas on improving your both your quotients. We are soon going to publish guiding articles for improvement in both IQ and EQ levels in our self help category, so stay connected with arqumhouse.edu.pk and its social pages including facebook page.

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