How to Get A+ Grade in Board Examinations? Top Ten Super Tips

How To Get Higher Marks in PEC or BISE Board Exams? Top 10 Golden Tips
The academic competition is increasing day by day. Unless you score well you cannot get admissions in the institutions of your own choice. It becomes really hard to survive unless you score an A+ or an A grade in the board examination like SSC & HSSC. Unlike it used to happen till late 1990s, the paper pattern has changed considerably. It is a matter of concepts rather than learning by heart. The objective portion has increased considerably thus, there are more chances to score well. In order to score the desired grade, you don’t need to panic, just a few simple steps and top ten tips can help you get the best scores.


How to Get A+ Grade in Board Examinations? Top Ten Super Tips

Before attempting the paper it is important to understand the format of the paper. To give students an insight, model papers are available in the market according to all BISE boards of the country, hence it is not difficult to access them. These model papers give us an idea about the kind of papers the students can expect in the finals. Once the paper pattern is clear, it becomes easier to prepare for the exams.

Many students don’t rely on the model papers available in the market nor do they prefer joining the tuition academies. Instead they prefer making their personal notes by using all possible sources. Making the notes helps in learning the concepts well. What is done with your own efforts always remains in your memory for a long time.

Model and sample papers, personal notes and then the past papers, is the combo formula for high scores. Once the student completed the syllabus, it is essential to review your preparation from the exam point of view. For this past papers are an essential preparatory material. The students must solve and check the papers they have solved and self-score themselves. Self-scoring is great to learn about the loopholes in the preparations and then find a solution to overcome them. A student can seek help from his teachers too, regarding the scoring, short comings and their solutions.

These days objectives constitute a big proportion of marks in the exams. They are the element behind high scoring students. If you score well in the objective papers the overall result is greatly influenced. To prepare for the objectives a thorough reading of the lesson is very important. Each and every lesson must be dealt with in depth. Nothing should be left in choice, as students do in case of the subjective part. Every lesson should be covered in detail.

The ultimate step is the revision. Revise the completed syllabus at least two to three times. Don’t leave the concepts still not prepared well. Make a list of those and redo them until you are satisfied.

No academy or tutor can help you prepare the exams until you think it your way. Be your teacher, your assessor and correct yourself, before time flies out of your hands.

All BISE boards publish sample papers and model. You must solve official sample and model papers first. Then prepare the past papers and unofficial model papers.

You may easily make your own guess papers with the help of past papers. If you cannot do it then buy the guess papers in the last stage. Soon we shall write a detailed article on making your guess papers.

Your emphasis should be on subjective and objective questions given at the end of each chapter. You can easily get A+ grade just with the help of this one tip. Science students must also concentrate on the questions given at the end of each science practical.

These are top ten tips which we give to the students of Arqum House School and academy. You may also get A+ grade by joining us.

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