Scope of FA General Science, Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Jobs  

Why Study FA General Science?
After completing the ten years of education, the students apply for the intermediate. There are no more three academic options were available after matriculation in past i.e  F.Sc Pre-Engineering, FSc Pre-Medical and the humanities. While now there is a long list of options that can be opted at the intermediate level. These options include the sciences with the F.Sc pre-engineering, FSc pre-medical, I.Com, ICS, D.Com, DBA, DIT and the FA.

Scope of FA General Science, Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Jobs  

Scope of FA General Science, Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Jobs

The humanities or FA is a broad field. It comprises of a number of subject combinations including FA general science. The students have reservations on joining the FA, but the truth is that on joining FA (general science group) they can get access to number of careers on the board. There is a great deal of professional choices available after completing intermediate with the general science.

Subject to be studied at the FA General Science:

The subjects comprise of the two sets. One are the compulsory subjects which have to be studied by all, while on the other hand are the elective subjects which fall under different groups. The compulsory subjects include English, Urdu, Islamite/ Pakistan studies. When it comes to the electives they fall under the four categories. These categories include:

  1. Mathematics, statistics, economics
  2. Maths, economics, computer science
  3. Maths, physics, computer science
  4. Maths, computer science, statistics

If you are looking forward to join the computers after the intermediate level, then opt for the combinations that include computers in them. With all the four combinations the students can get the chance to pursue the further studies in business and management sciences. The first one will remain the most preferred for this level.

What can you do after FA (General Science)?

There are number of fields of career available. The students can apply and find jobs in many areas after completing their intermediate. They can join the social sector by working for NGOs, as an activist. They can further excel in the banking sector and join financial institutions. Those studying computers can work as programmers, developers, IT experts, etc. the students can look forward to become the teacher too. One emerging profession is the SEO, under which the students can become self employed by getting a month’s training in blogging, web making etc. it has ample opportunities today to launch online business through the website.

The further qualifications in the respective fields related to these subjects can improve the chances to get better careers. Intermediate can be the foundation stone but not the ultimate end. Here is the list of our related career counseling articles;

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