Career Counseling For FA Arts Students- Best Courses & Top Ten Tips

Career Counseling – Recommended Courses After 12th Arts, Humanities FA – Further Study Options & Top Ten Tips 
Studying science is always considered as a matter of pride and prestige. Usually it is assumed that if you are not able to get into any science subject it means failure. The students can’t decide which subject to study after completing their intermediate in humanities. Mostly the subjects taught in the humanities at the intermediate level include Islamic Studies, Indopak History, Islamic History, Sociology, Economics, Education, Physical Education, Fine Arts,Psychology, Geography, Home Economics (girls), Civics, Punjabi,English Literature, Arabic and so much more.


Career Counseling For FA Arts Students- Best Courses & Top Ten Tips

Apparently it seems that the options for the future with these subjects are very less. Hence, once a student appears in his intermediate with the humanities, he has to think several times that what options are there for him in the future? It is difficult for him to decide that which way to go. the picture is totally different. No door closes with arts subjects; in fact many doors are there for you to open.

The students who have passed the intermediate with the humanities or are reverting from sciences to humanities several options are available. It is a good option to study subjects like international relations or history to get prepared for the civil services. Even studying languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu and English have numerous professional charms. One of the subjects having a wider scope is Home Economics. Today this subject is not just home affairs but is more than this.

Many students who complete higher education in the said subject can get a chance to work as nutritionist, psychologist, fashion designer and much more. Similar is the case with the fine arts and related subjects. These subjects can help you acquire highly paid jobs. The creative abilities are highly praised in all professional sectors. Subjects like Economics, Statistics can bring home well paid opportunities. The nongovernmental organizations are becoming wide spread phenomenon in our world. The people who have studied journalism, sociology and other such subjects can get high paid jobs in such institutions.

One should never consider himself worthless, if he has been studying the humanities at intermediate. Humanities is a wide collection of subjects. As the name itself indicates, t refers to the human world. From life at home to the ethics and human rights all stand under the banner of humanities. There is not a single institution where humanities is not praised. No business around us can run without a creative and artistic person. Thus, if you are the one who has completed the intermediate with humanities just search and you will find a whole big lot of careers in front of you. Here below we have given top ten career counseling super tips for FA arts students.

Top Ten Career Counseling Super Tips For FA Arts Students  
1-We recommend you at least one professional subject at bachelor level like Economics, Statistics, Psychology, Fine Arts, Home Economics, Journalism, Education, Physical Education etc. I also consider Urdu, English Literature,Islamic Studies and History and Political Science as professional subjects as these subjects help you in finding the jobs of subject specialists, educators and lecturers.

2-Home Economics, Education, Fine Arts, Psychology and Journalism are most recommended subjects for females.

3-Those who want to join judiciary line must go for BA-LLB. ,

4-Future CSS aspirants must opt those subjects which they want to opt in competitive exams,

5-BS is much better option than BA and B.Sc as it is equivalent to MA/M.Sc.

6-Students who have interest in commerce,economics and statistics can go for B.Com, BBA and B.Com IT.

7-Those who want to become teacher or lecturer must opt Education as an optional subject in BA.

8-If you have studied computer in intermediate than must opt it BA or BSc too as future is of IT professionals.

9-Science students must opt at least one subject of their choice in BA.

10-Always opt at least one subject of your choice, i mean subject in which you have deep interest as one can perform better in the are of his interest only. Last but not least take a professional advice by a career counselor or your teacher for your better future prospects.
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