Scope of DVM in Pakistan, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Future Prospects

Scope of Getting the DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Degree in Pakistan
What is DVM?
DVM is the degree obtained in the field of Veterinary Science. The aim of the degree is to care and cure the animals when they need. A veterinary doctor is required to look after the animals, when they are not well or to save them from expected seasonal/epidemic diseases. The DVM doctor requires diagnosing, treating and curing the different sorts of health related issues in both the birds and animals. The scientists also do necessary research on the scientific breeding of the animals especially livestock.  DVM takes five years to complete, in which the student studies the subjects of animal physiology, treatment of animal diseases and cure of diseases spreading among animals. The basic principles are very much similar to the human medical sciences.

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Scope of DVM in Pakistan, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Future Prospects

What does the Veterinarian do?

Veterinarians are animal Doctors. Their job is not much different from the human doctors. Therefore the curriculum is not very different. Their curriculum is much diversified as animals are different from one another. A bird requires different treatment as compared to animals. Due to the varying species and physiologies the veterinaries have to deal with them in a different way.

 Academic Qualifications Required For Admission in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM):

The earliest degree is acquired after completing the intermediate with pre-medical after this the students can further acquire the degree equivalent to masters or doctorate. In order to get admission in any veterinary college whether in public or private sector it is important to score at least 60% in intermediate. Currently numbers of institutions are working to render the education in vet sciences in Pakistan. These institutions are in both public and private sector.

Tasks after Completing DVM:

After the completion of DVM the degree holder is able to deal with multiple problems of the animals. He can help the owners by suggesting appropriate food, care principles and hygiene of the animals, they have either as a pet or for the sake of business. The vets can vaccinate the animals when required. The role of vet is very important especially when the epidemics breakout as a result of any seasonal change or natural calamity. The DVMs are encouraged to conduct research regarding introduction of new breeds. Thus the role of DVM is highly essential in an agricultural country like Pakistan.

Career Opportunities:

After completing the DVM the student has number of opportunities. There are number of institutions that are looking forward to make us of the academic qualifications they have acquired. The most important of all are the husbandry departments that announce greater opportunities for the DVM(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). The poultry business is flourishing in Pakistan which also requires the services of the vets. They can also acquire jobs in the search institutes in which research is being done to improve and introduce new forms of animals. Armed force utilizes veterinarians for the consideration and treatment of their mounted regiments which have steeds, donkeys, camels and puppies. They can likewise take up private practice. Pharmaceutical businesses name veterinary researchers in their innovative work offices for the improvement of medications, chemicals and bio-items especially anti-infection agents and antibodies both for human and creature use.






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