Scope of I.Com, Career, Jobs, Subjects, Eligibility & Future Prospects

Scope of Studying I.Com in Pakistan, Jobs, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Career Counseling & Future Study Options

Finishing off the matriculation level brings so many questions to mind. The students consider it as a turning point that helps them determine which way to go in their career. This intermediate level is apparently a new class, but it has so much difference in it.  The students actually take the first step towards their career building. They build the basis of their career at this level. It is not just a shift to higher education level, but also a mental shift, where they have to consider everything in the light of long term prospects. Thus, if the students make best use of the two precious college years then nothing can stop them from a better future.

Scope of I.Com, Career, Jobs, Subjects, Eligibility & Future Prospects

Scope of I.Com, Career, Jobs, Subjects, Eligibility & Future Prospects

Among the various subject combinations offered at the intermediate one important combination is Intermediate in Commerce, which is usually known as I.Com. This furnishes the road to the business studies. The degree gives the students an insight into the basic concepts associated with financial management, finance and commerce. The students get the theoretical basis of the working of the companies that have earned high ranks in the world of business. The major subjects offered at this level include Accounting, Banking, Commerce, Economics, Business Mathematics and Statistics. The syllabus has been designed in such a way that it can cater the needs of the world that is changing rapidly and diverse businesses are being introduced with every day. Thus, the need of the hour is to find out the various ways that can help in understanding the market relevant concepts.

Objective of Studying I.Com

The basic vision behind the program is to give all the fundamental information related to the varying fields of business. The mission is to groom the students in such a way that they can deal with all necessary financial calculations. In future the students are expected to have an insight into the working of their workplace and give productive analysis.

What the Students Need to Study:

The students who join the field of commerce at the intermediate level are supposed study the following subjects in the course of academic process:





Business Math & Statistics

Syllabus of all these subjects is designed as to meet the challenges of the modern times and those to come.

Qualification Required:

Although the criteria may vary from institute to institute, but still in general the following rules apply:

The admissions are open for those who have completed their ten years of education from any recognized institution run under the BISE. The admissions are generally given on merit basis. The students studying abroad can also apply for the admissions provided they send their applications through the Ministry of education, Pakistan and after getting equivalence certificate by IBBCC.

Careers Available:

There is an endless list of careers that are open to the degree holders completing their intermediate with commerce. The career options are available in both government and the private sectors. There is a vast option of the careers that are open in the areas of banking, auditing, commerce, etc. the better option although is not to resort to a job, but pursue further studies for a much wider scope of jobs. B.Com, BBA, B.Com IT, LLB, BS in related fields are best recommended further study options after I.Com. D.Com is a alternative of I.Com and we shall write a detailed article on it soon

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