Scope of ICS, Subjects, Career, Eligibility & Further Study Options

Scope, Syllabus, Pre-Requisites & Career Counseling About Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) in Pakistan

What is ICS?
Using the computer is now something which does not need any expertise. A child since his birth is acquainted with the word computer. It is simple for the young ones to deal with the basic software and hardware tasks. This early love then develops into career plan and this is when the student steps in for the first time in the field of computers by opting computers at intermediate level. Although now computer is being offered at the matriculation level in choice with biology, but it can help little in getting the respectable earning.

To meet the needs the students looking forward to the admissions in computer, join computers in intermediate level. This program is known as Intermediate of Computer Science or ICS. This is the set of subjects that constitute the Computer Sciences courses. This offers a wide perspective of the computer related subjects. Today, getting equipped with the computer based knowledge is very important that has a broader perspective for the youth in Pakistan.

Scope of ICS, Subjects, Career, Eligibility & Further Study Options

Scope of ICS, Subjects, Career, Eligibility & Further Study Options

Objectives of Studying Intermediate of Computer Sciences(I.C.S):

The degree course is offered to give an insight into the Software development. We are living in the world of technological advancements. Computer is a must in this world. More and more people are getting into this field and getting better professional options. Computer studies today is not just dealing with the study of the software and the hardware, it means much more than this. This knowledge is being used in the simplest affairs to the most high tech institutions. Thus, the first bifurcation of the computer studies is the splitting of the subject into the software and hardware studies.  Computer studies is no more confine to the technical areas, but in fact it is applicable in educational institutions, offices, data collection agencies, research institutes, hospitals, banks and businesses. Development of e-commerce is another motivating factor behind the studies of computer sciences.

Admission Pre-Requisites for ICS:
In order to seek admission in the Intermediate of Computer Sciences (ICS) it is essential for the students to complete ten years of education from any public or private sector institution either in the country or abroad. The students who qualify the foreign degrees like O levels have to provide the equivalency certificate from the IBCC. On the other hand the students applying while sitting abroad have to apply through the Ministry of Education/Foreign Affairs, Pakistan.

Courses Offered at the Intermediate Level:
The subjects offered at the intermediate level, include the set of compulsory and elective subjects. The compulsory subjects include English, Urdu, Islamiat/ Pakistan Studies. The electives happen to be in different combinations:

  • Physics, mathematics and computer science
  • Physics, statistics and computer sciences

Career Opportunities or Scope of ICS:
Once done the students can easily join a number of early career jobs. The early careers may include the jobs of programmer, system analyst, graphic designer, software programming, database administrator, software trainers, application engineers, and also in the subject fields like statistics, mathematics, and computer.

It is an extensive field that can help a great deal in creating positive future prospects for the individual as well as country.

Further Study Options after ICS
You may get job of computer operator or data entry operator right after ICS, but we recommend you to go for BSCS or BCS. This degree can make you a freelancer or self-employed person. ICS is best alternative of FSc Pre Engineering. It’s an ideal recommended program for females as they it can help them in earning money online while staying at home. ICS can build your base for your future career in computer field. I personally know many ICS students who are working as freelancers after getting short diplomas in one of these field.




Graphic Designing etc.

But your ultimate aim should be to become a computer engineer. Read our following articles too for guidance on related topics.

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