Scope of D.Com, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Eligibility, Future Prospects

Prospects of Getting D.Com in Pakistan
It is no ignoring the fact that the degree, diploma or certificate in commerce pays off professionally. We are living in the commerce oriented world. It is the economy of a nation that determines its status in the world. Commerce plays an integral part in determining the economic growth of the nations all over the world. The basic motive of diploma in commerce (D.Com) is that it gives the essential information about the subjects associated with the world of Information technology (IT), Marketing, International Business and Computing.

Scope of D.Com, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Eligibility, Future Prospects

Scope of D.Com, Career, Subjects, Jobs, Eligibility, Future Prospects

In Pakistan when a student chooses his subject’s commerce also comes among the top ranking choices of careers. The students sometimes choose the subject as their career option, but they are unaware of the fact that what actually it means for them. They are confused about what they will do and which way they need to go. Thus, for the students planning to join commerce as their professional career here we would like to give a detailed account of what they can do in the future.

When to Join the Diploma in Commerce (DCom)?
The diploma in commerce (D.Com) is offered to the students who have passed their matriculation. The diploma comprises of the subjects that highlight the financial aspect. The subjects taught at this level are considered practical to be implemented in the fields of business, finance, economics and banking.

What is taught in Diploma of Commerce (D.Com)?
The subjects offered at the diploma of commerce level are as follows:
• Business mathematics and Statistics
• Economics
• Banking
• Information Technology
• Financial accounting
• Principals of Commerce

What Careers are Available to Join after Diploma of Commerce (D.Com)?
After completing the degree in the field of commerce the student can find numerous fields lying in front of him. The doors open leading him to great careers in the government and the private sectors. He can join in the world of economics, accounting, opt for the profession of management executive, accounts executive, junior accountant and even can find great prospects in the fields of auditing and banking. There is a long list of the professions that wait for him. The only thing a student needs to be vigilant about is that go for the profession that matches his skills, aptitude and interests. The career counseling consultants offer the following professional options available for the diploma holders of commerce.
• Auditor
• Publisher
• Money Manager
• Media and Communication
• Purchaser
• Compensation Coordinator
• Compliance officer
• Surveyor
• Estimator
• Editor
• Construction

Future Career 
I.Com is more popular in students but D.Com is much beneficial than I.Com, as it’s a professional rather vocational diploma. Its equivalent to HSSC. After completing D.Com diploma, you may get job immediately. Students are given professional practical training of typing and short hand in D.Com. Both these skills are required for getting the jobs of stenographer and private secretary. Thousands of such jobs are announced every year both in public and private sector. Students who improve their skills through continuous practice can easily find job after D.Com. Its best option for those students who want to get government job immediately after intermediate.

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