Scope of BBA, Career, Jobs, Subjects, Tips, Eligibility & Future Prospects

Career & Scope of Getting the Degree of BBA in Pakistan, Syllabus, Eligibility, Tips and Further Study Options 
Business education has become an emerging academic field in last few decades. The main cause behind this shift of thought is that the people are not much willing to go for a job, instead they prefer running their own business and progressing as the businessman. Due to this shift of thought the people all over the world including Pakistan have started opting for the degrees in business studies both at the bachelors and the masters levels. The degree at the bachelor’s levels falls under two categories the simple BBA and the BBA honors. The simple BBA is for two years, while the BBA honors cover the period of 4 years. BBA (Hons) will be more beneficial for you as it will help you in understanding the dynamics of business more minutely.

Scope of BBA, Career, Jobs, Subjects, Tips, Eligibility & Future Prospects

Scope of BBA, Career, Jobs, Subjects, Tips, Eligibility & Future Prospects

Why Study BBA in Pakistan?
Studying business studies in Pakistan has numerous prospects. It is a field with wide prospects and bright future. The students planning to study can find this field highly practical and vast in their long term future. The business graduates can join a number of fields in their life and improve themselves. Once completing graduation the students find number of doors opening to them. They can either start their own business or can join a number of fields related to this business, financial affairs and entrepreneurship. Many career experts believe that the graduate establishing his own business has an edge over the others. He can apply the successful strategies, he has learnt in the books along with the experience he has gained in several fields while studying BBA. Thus, his attitude and knowledge can make a big difference in his life related to business and financial studies.

There are numerous fields of business studies in which he can progress and prosper. These fields include Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance. After the completion of his studies the graduate can look for a bright future in the banking too. Today, banking is not just confined to the banks operating in the government sector, but in fact the field now covers a whole list of banks and financial institutes in private sector too. Thus, the banking field is offering the most stable professional career for the graduates holding BBA degree.

One emerging field of business studies that has a number of prospects is called the Human Resource Management. HRM has numerous fields open for the graduates. Today HRM is an integral part of the development section of the several organizations. Apart from the HR consultancy firms the institutions take help of the HR consultants to hire further employees to get the best workforce for their organization. The ones getting a bachelors degree in business studies, with HRM as one of the subjects if have an instinct of creativity too, can join the advertising business too. It is a great source of earning for the one joining it. The similar opportunities are available for the ones specializing in the marketing world.

Points to Remember About Bachelor of Business Administration BBA Degree (Top Ten Tip)
1-After BBA one can complete MBA/MS in just one year.

2-Students must select their field of specialization vary carefully.

3-B.Com, BS in business related fields, ACCA, CA, B.Com IT, CIMA, BBS, CMA are some alternatives of BBA degree.

4-You must also try to improve your IT skills as now a days you may earn lot of money through E commerce. Just one month course of SEO and WordPress web development can make you expert of this field.

5-I know many students who graduated in some other field but they just read the basic books of business administration and marketing and at present they are running their business very successfully. Degree in business is required to get the job otherwise one can understand the business success secrets by just reading the autobiographies of successful businessmen.

6-BBA is an ideal degree for females, as it helps them in earning money while staying at home.

7-Never rely on just academic knowledge, you must start your own small business maximum in the middle of your BBA degree program.

8-Get the BBA Degree from a reputed university or get private coaching from a person related to your field of specialization.

9-If you do not have capital to invest in any business during your studies then try get summer internship for getting the practical experience of real time business.

10-Last but not least stay connected with us for complete guidance about career and scope of different degrees.
Subjects & Syllabus 

Kindly visit the courses and career category of our sister website studysolutions,pk for guidance about subjects offered in Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A).

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in BBA

Basic requirement is just intermediate or equivalent like A-Level. Majority of universities grant admission to the students with 60% marks in HSSC and they also take entry test.

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