Career & Scope of B.Com IT, Subjects, Jobs, Benefits & Future Prospects

Benefits of Getting Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology (B.Com IT) 

Getting education is a must but getting what benefits you is more important. The education has to have long term implications for the individual. B.Com IT in Pakistan teaches how to manage the accounts on computer with the help of latest accounting software’s in any financial organization. An individual holding a B.Com IT degree can be an extra benefit for upgrading and uplifting the financial status of the financial organization. This field highlights the international rules governing the world of economics and finance.

Career & Scope of B.Com IT, Subjects, Jobs, Benefits & Future Prospects

Career & Scope of B.Com IT, Subjects, Jobs, Benefits & Future Prospects

B.Com IT or the Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology is specifically the field of study that is related to the funds and above all it deals with the wide world of banking sector. Today, this field has grown to a greater level. There are so many keen learners who want to acquire B.Com IT degree to start a healthy and prosperous career by joining the working force in the banks and also in the Investment sector.

Who can Study B.Com IT

Admissions are open in the B.Com IT for the candidates who have passed their intermediate (FA, F.Sc, I.Com, DBA) from any recognized BISE, or have the diploma in commerce (D.Com) from a Board of Technical Education, or have acquired equivalent degree that is A-levels.

Essentials of B.Com IT Course:

A Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology (B.Com IT) is an undergraduate degree obtained in two years in commerce. The main objective of the degree is to understand the financial needs of an individual, organization, business or a country in the light of contemporary trends. The course is offered either in the annual system or in the form of semesters. The total duration remains the same that is two years. The two year syllabus mostly covers different aspects of economics, finance and banking. The academic process comprises of lectures, assignments, seminars, internship and the examination. The students have to complete the credit hours in order to appear in the final examination. In the entire course of the studies the students have to study the list of subjects while acquiring the degree.

The subjects offered include Principles of Accounting, Introduction to Business, Business Mathematics, Functional English, Introduction to Computer, Computer Application to Business, Money & Banking, Business Statistics, Sales Tax, Financial Accounting, Islamic Studies, Business Law, Business Finance, Accounting for Specialized Institution, Macroeconomics, Advanced Accounting, Income Tax Law, Pakistan Studies, Industrial Law, Insurance & Risk Management, Cost Accounting, Computerized Accounting, TQM, Computer Programming, International Business, Business Management, Principles of Marketing and Managerial Economics. Besides these the students can learn the basic principles of the Business Research. Being an Islamic state the need for understanding the Islamic rules was also felt and so the Islamic Principles of Business & Finance along with the Economy of Pakistan and Principles of Auditing were also introduced in the syllabus of IT.

B.Com IT Nature of Jobs:

At the time of completion of the degree there are number of opportunities available all over the country. The commerce degree with specialty in Information Technology (IT) holder can start his professional career as an accountant, cashier, teller, epidemiologist, data analyst, biometrician, data interpreter, research scholar, enumerators, banking, financial researchers, research analyst, and financial consultant. The commerce bachelors with specialty in Information Technology (IT) can get the job in varying professional institutes that deal with banking, defense forces, demographic studies and research, education, law, insurance firms etc.

B.Com IT is much better degree than simple B.Comas it equips you with latest requirement of modern age i.e Information Technology (I.T). You will not have to learn the Commerce, Finance and Accounting related software after B.Com IT. This degree will also help you in MBA IT, MIT and MCS..

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