Scope of BS Speech and Language Therapy, Career, Jobs, Subjects & Eligibility 

Scope of BS Speech and Language Pathology in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria & Future Prospects  
What is the Speech and Language Therapy?
A man is a social animal and to fulfill his needs he requires certain skills which are essential to exchange his ideas, thoughts and even feelings. The best way is to use the words in written or verbally. It is believed that the best way is to utter the words in any language. The learning process begins with the learning of language skills. The words spoken by one are conveyed to the other. They can be understood only if they are delivered clearly and properly. Many people that start learning the language at the early level encounter a number of problems. The most significant of them is the problem of lack of clarity in the words that are uttered.

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Scope of BS Speech and Language Therapy, Career, Jobs, Subjects & Eligibility

This lack is use to problem in the pronunciation of the words, lack of fluency, or issues related to the resonance of the words spoken. Some of these problems are covering the wider situations like those related to phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, as well as the language pragmatics. These factors help in using the language at functional and social level. Another problem related to the language is lack of verbal and non verbal expression. Cognitive factors also hinder the linguistic activities. In all these scenarios it is highly significant that some assistance is given to the sufferer to come to terms with the society. This solution lies only with the Speech and Language Therapy.

In order to facilitate the interested candidates a degree course is introduced at the bachelors level that is known is the Speech and Language Therapy/Pathology. The course can be easily joined after completing the intermediate level.

Eligibility Criteria For BS Speech and Language Therapy

In order to get the degree the students are required to complete their intermediate degree in the pre-medical. The merit marks are different in different institutions. The students completing their A-levels can apply provided they have taken up the equivalency certificate from the IBCC. In some institutions the students have to appear in the entry test also for the admissions. Generally 50% marks in FSc Pre Medical are required for getting admission in BS Speech and Language Therapy.

Duration of the BS Speech and Language Therapy Course:
Generally getting an honors degree in the field of Speech and Language Pathology takes four years, while simple bachelors can take two years. In some cases the students are required to join the internship program also.

Subjects Taught at the Bachelor Degree Level:
The commonly taught subjects in all the institutions offering the course are as follows:

  • Sign language as per the American system
  • The communication ways of human beings
  • Phonetics used for descriptions
  • Normal pattern of the human language development
  • The usual language disorders
  • Audiology

Career opportunities:
Once the degree is completed the students can join number of fields that can help earn a respectable earning by joining distinct institutions and organizations. The degree holders can join the schools, colleges, or universities, or can run clinics at the individual level. The these students can have the career opportunities as the potential workers, who can work to get rid of, find out , diagnose, and then find the solution for the speech problems common in adult and the young subjects, when they cannot deal with the social and professional level. B.Ed is recommended course for those students who want to join education line. Schools for deaf and dumb offer very handsome pay to such individuals. Many NGO can also hire your services. You may also launch your private clinic as a speech therapist. You may also easily get job in any foreign country,even immigration process will also become very easy for you.  Its one of the best alternatives of MBBS and BDS in Pakistan.

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