Scope of Information Technology (IT), Career, Degrees, Jobs, Eligibility & Benefits

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We are living in the world of highly technological world. There is not a single place around us which does not make use of the information technology (IT). From a small school system to the most extensive air communication systems all are running smoothly because of the information technology. Information technology (IT) is now working everywhere around us. The information technology grew as a career in the 1980’s. At that time there were very few who knew about the long term prospects of the information technology. There were misperceptions and fears regarding the sector in that decade, but as the time passed IT developed as a potential career in Pakistan.

Scope of Information Technology (IT), Career, Degrees, Jobs, Eligibility & Benefits

Scope of Information Technology (IT), Career, Degrees, Jobs, Eligibility & Benefits

It not only opened new career arenas for the qualified, but also helped several unemployed members of the society. Today in 21st century it is an inevitable phenomenon to run the systems. It has not just contributed in our daily life by updating the communication systems like television or internet, but has proved its worth in strengthening the foundations of the country. It is because of this revolutionary shift that IT is becoming an integral concern for the government’s policy making institutions. One such milestone in the constitutional history was the IT policy introduced in the year 2000. The main objective of the policy was to use information technology for the sake of social development to boost the country’s image in the eyes of the world.

Academic Qualifications in Information Technology:

In order to bring awareness right from the early years, the government of Pakistan has made computer studies an essential element of the syllabus right from the early years in school. Computers are being taught from the first standard in all schools working in the private and the public sector. As the students develop the aptitude and interest for the said they can opt it in matriculation as well as intermediate. In the intermediate the subject is introduced in choice with pre-engineering and pre-medical and is known as ICS. Once completing the bachelor’s degree the students can continue the degree in the master’s level too. Those seeking further can get the M.Phil and the P.hD degrees too.

Curriculum and Syllabus:

The curriculum basically highlights the hardware and software of the computer systems. The syllabus also considers the practical application of the various computer soft wares in daily tasking.

Career Opportunities:

There was a time when the degree holders had to think what to do? Today the situation is entirely different. And IT expert has number of opportunities welcoming him for a bright future. From self employment to high paid multinational jobs all is in the reach of IT experts. If you are a creative writer or haves some knowhow of e-commerce you can use your degree to jump into the world of SEO. Web designing is another high earning option available these days. Every single institute in the public or private institution requires the services of the IT expert. Their skill can be utilized to maintain the computer systems. The IT experts can join the field of education as teacher. They can get the jobs as network operators, computer administrators, etc.

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