Scope of Master in Public Administration (MPA) Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Jobs

Master of Public Administration (MPA)-Syllabus, Career Counseling, Eligibility Criteria, Jobs & Future Prospects 

What is MPA?

The Master’s degree in Public Administration commonly known as MPA that brings to light the most extraordinary, research based and realistic approach to deal with the affairs of Public Administration in Pakistan. The discipline of Public Administration is establishing its roots in the country, where everyone feels a dire need of good governance and public service. It is a multidimensional discipline, which combines in it several subjects including law, economics, management, organizational behavior governance and society, civil services, finance, and political science. It is in the light of these faculties that the students learn how to make a policy in the interest of the people and how it can impact the outcomes of a particular policy.

Career & Scope

Scope of Master in Public Administration (MPA) Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Jobs

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Master in Public Administration (MPA):

Generally the students getting a second division in the bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for admission in the MPA (Master of Public Administration) program.

MPA Syllabus and Curriculum:

The MPA degree holders learn in an environment which comprises of both the theory and the practice. The students get in touch of the modern trends of Public Administration by examining the case studies. They get the best exposure by coming across the experience of seasoned scholars and experts of the subject through the workshops and seminars. The internship period gives the practical exposure of different types of organizations and institutions. Today in Pakistan the course is being offered in number of institutions including Quai-e Azam University, COMSATS, Fatima Jinnah university, Bahria University and NUST. It is a two year course at the end of which the students get the masters degree.

Benefits of Getting the MPA Degree:

The students can grow into great practitioners and researchers. It is through this degree that the young minds gain professional skills to meet the challenges of the public administration sector. They are endowed with the related managerial, technical and theoretical skills that can help them cope with the challenges of the real world. The MPA degree holders acquire the knowledge related to the indigenous administrative peculiarity in the light of political, social and economic background. They become aware of the legal, financial and political constraints in the administration of the public affairs. The degree also helps to understand the negative views associated with the two major terms of administration being “Bureaucracy” and “Governance”. While completing the course the students develop the skills of analyzing, reasoning, communicating and problem solving. They also start understanding the role of leadership in the administration.

Careers Waiting after the MPA Degree:

At the end of the completion of the course the students acquire the skills that are required to understand the administrative problems. After learning the operational aspects of the administration it becomes easier for the graduate to get a variety of jobs. The government sector is the most preferred sector for the job. Apart from this the students can get an equal opportunity to join the private sector especially the NGOs, human rights organizations, corporate sector, think tanks, policy research institutes and related organizations.

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