How To Pass Combined Competitive Exam 2024 (PMS)? Tips & Tricks

How To Clear PMS Exam (Combined Competitive Examination 2024)? Tips For Provincial Management Services Exam

Passing CSS exam or if you are appearing for provincial management service exams, such kind of exams need lot of hard work. Here you will catch the best tips and top tricks so that you can pass this combined competitive exam easily.


How To Pass Combined Competitive Exam 2024 (PMS)? Tips & Tricks


Tips - How To?


Info on PMS (Combined Competitive Examination 2024)

This exam included total six compulsory subjects and they carry 100 marks each. Then you have to choose three optional subjects comprising 200 marks each. If you will choose the optional paper of political science or history then you will get really help while preparing your compulsory subject of Pakistan studies.


Among the scoring subjects, they include sociology, Punjabi, education, social work, physics, mathematics. You can even opt physics, Persian or geography or you can opt statistics or agriculture if you want to score high in this test. Choosing the optional subject of Urdu, in this way, you will get lot of help while studying the Urdu as a compulsory subject.



Tips to Pass Combined Competitive Examination (PMS 2024)

To prepare for this PMS exam, you should be studying from the bachelor level books. You need to be reading and studying those books too which are recommended right by PPSC.


Your concepts have to be clear and if you can read master level books, it will be great.

Students appearing for PMS exam, they should make their notes. In this way, they will be able to memorize the whole syllabus easily.

Your creative writing skills have to be great, as English and Urdu subjects comes as compulsory subjects and your essay writing skills will be marked, so get perfection in these categories.


Tips & Tricks of Passing PMS 2024 (Combined Competitive Examination 2024)

Students should be able to write one English essay on a daily basis.
The paper of general knowledge, it is usually and quite vast. You have to prepare many subjects and topics. On the first note, you can read the book, Who is Who and What is What, this will give you a rough idea that how GK subject can be managed.


If you are sitting for PMS exams, then you should also appear in the CSS exams. There is a little difference in both of them.


You should watch English and Urdu news channels on a daily basis. Read English newspapers, do read current affairs magazines.


Students should opt and choose the optional subjects wisely. Choose those subjects which you have studied during your bachelor level studies.


Try to use Internet on positive note and search for the national and international scale news as much you can. Read articles, news, latest stories online. This routine will prepare your GK subject automatically. Such a reading practice will improve your English writing skills.



Final Words

This is how the exam of PMS (Provincial Management Services) or any of the competitive exams are cleared, solved and passed. Apply with full confidence in these tests and clear them in the first go. If you appeared in the competitive examination ever in your life, then share your experience. Here are some more PMS tips based article for you.



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