PMS 2023 English Paper Preparation Guide & Tips

Combined Competitive Examination PMS English Paper Preparation Guide & Tips

f you are appearing in these PMS competitive exams then make this thing sure that you have work hard a lot on your English subject area. Here is the guide for you and much of the helpful tips that how this PMS English subject paper can be prepared by you! In these competitive exams, you have to prepare for the essay part and then you need to prepare for the English general subject part.



PMS 2023 English Paper Preparation Guide & Tips


PMS English Paper Preparation Guide

First you have to give your best in the essay part, most of the essay topics are related to the current affairs subject. If you are well prepared in this subject then there is a chance that you will be passed in this essay subject.


What you can do is to write an essay of about two to three pages on every single day, this is the great practice tip which you should try! If you will avoid doing the written practice of this essay paper, then there is a heavy chance that you will be failed in this subject.


You can check out the past papers of these competitive exams, from their English essay portion areas, you will get an idea that what kind of essays do come! At times, some of the essays do repeat or the meaning behind their topics and titles remain the same. You can make a list of those which are often repeated in these PMS competitive exams.



Super Tips to Prepare PMS English Paper

Then to work on the English general paper, you have to improve your precis writing part. You have to improve your vocabulary area as well, more you will read the books of grammar, more you will see an improvement in yourself with regard to this subject.


This English general paper, it has an important section in it which is about prepositions, so understand this part of speech in a detailed way and practice as much exercises on solving prepositions as you can.


Then you have to prepare these pair of words section, you can start your preparation from the basic one and the move on to the technical pair of words. This paper of English which is an important part of these competitive exams, you have to read and go through the concepts of idioms and phrases as well.


You will be given the question of a translation and for that you have to translation from Urdu to English and then from English to Urdu, it is the technical part and you have to get the grip on it.


There is a paragraph writing part in which most of the students lose the marks, so work on this section too and you will be given few of the questions on correcting the sentences.


Follow all these tips and pass this PMS English subject paper of yours. We are also going to publish lot more tips for clearing other optional and compulsory papers of combined competitive examination or PMS, so stay connected with and its facebook page.

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