All About PMS Examination 2024 (Combined Competitive Exam)

Guide to PCS Exam in Pakistan

Over this piece of article, we will be having a detail sum of discussion as all about PMS! PMS is the abbreviation of the Provincial Management Service. Hence the Provincial Public Service Commission of Pakistan Provinces, came up with the supervision of conducting the PMS examinations each single year in Pakistan. This examination is basically taken at the moment when there is a vacant posts accessible in the provincial management services. So it cannot be probable to say that this examination is taken each single year. If at any year, the vacant seats are not available then examinations are not taken into account.



All About PMS Examination 2024 (Combined Competitive Exam)

 All About PMS (Combined Competitive Exam)

Structure of Format of Provincial Management Services Examinations:

Provincial Management Service test carries out with the 6 compulsory subjects as each single subject holds the marks of 100 each. Each single student will be given the option of choosing the 3 of their favorite subjects from the options subject category that is from the 7 different groups. This will make the whole criteria of having 30 various subjects carrying out 200 subjects on the total. The applicant is supposed to select only one subject from each single group. In this way the total marks arrangement of the Provincial Management Service test will be 1200 marks. The test of psychological test and interview will add up the marks of 200.


List of Compulsory Subjects in Provincial Management Service Test:

Below is the list of major or compulsory subjects that are taken into account in Provincial Management Service test:
English essay carries 100 marks
English General carries 100 marks
Urdu Compulsory carries 100 marks
Islamic Studies carries 100 marks
Pakistan Studies carries 100 marks
General Knowledge carries 100 marks



List of Optional Subjects in Provincial Management Service Test:

Below is the list of optional subjects that are taken into account in Provincial Management Service test:
Business Administration
Public Administration
Veterinary Sciences
Computer Science
Principle of Engineering
Political Science
Mass Communication
Social Work
English Literature


In this Provincial Management Service test, males as well as female applicants and minorities are free to apply for the Provincial Management Service test. In order to be the part of Provincial Management Service test you have three attempts. In this way, if you failed to pass this test in the first attempt, then you are still left with the two attempts later on. There are no particular sort of hard and fast rules that are meant for the selection of the subjects. But still there are some of the important and major guidelines that you should be considering out.


Important Tips About Subject Selection in Provincial Management Service Test:

You should be selecting with the subjects which you have already studied in the graduation and in masters level of degree program
Never think about selecting any hard subject with the aim of scoring more. This can lead to bad result.
If you have not studied MA in English, then avoid choosing subject of English Literature.
So this was all about PMS! If you are planning to give out the PMS test this year, then be sure that you are conscious about the subject selection!


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