How To Prepare Notes For Success in Competitive Exams (CSS, PMS)? Top 25 Tips

How To Make Study Notes For Clearing Competitive Exams in Pakistan Like CSS & PMS? Top 25 Tips & Tricks
Here you can have a look at the top 25 tips that how can you prepare notes for your competitive exam preparation like for your CSS exams or for your OMS exams, these are the golden rules for the notes making job:

1-First you have to collect notes and best of the study material and matter for yourself. You have to organize these notes on priority basis, study them in a logical way and pass these CSS, PMS exams.

2-Once you will give the first and initial reading to any of the topic, then you have to start making notes of it.

3-Do buy separate registers for every single subject of yours, these registers will be used for the notes making process.

4-Make sure that you do make the notes in an outline format, that means you have to make short, quick to read and precise notes.

5-For a single topic,notes of one to two pages are enough, you should not be making and coming up with long notes, in this way you will face difficulty while revising.


How To Prepare Notes For Success in Competitive Exams (CSS, PMS)? Top 25 Tips

6-You should also be reading the reference books, to prepare for the CSS, PMS exams, reading from the reference and two to three books is a must for you.

7-Your notes can be prepared by making headings and sub headings, in this way you will not miss any important point of your topic.

8-In your notes, you have to explain and understand all of the technical points.

9-If there are any graphs and diagrams needed in your notes, if there is a need of flow charts, then do mention and draw these figures in your notes.

10-If you come across any new point related to your previous topics, then you can add that point in your notes.

11-You have to prepare your CSS, PMS exam notes by consulting and reading at least two books.

12-If you are making notes for a new topic, then start making notes of it on a new page.

13-On every single register of yours, you have to mention the name of the subject of the top part of it, your register pages should not be loose in their form and make sure that your register remain in excellent condition till your exam day.

14-Make sure to keep the photocopy of your notes, in case you miss or lost the original copy.

15-In your notes, you should not be writing down any of the unnecessary details.

16-Your notes have to be written down in the bullet form.

17-Write notes in your own words for improving your creative writing skills.

18-You need to keep on reviewing your notes so that you can further write them down on a better note.

19-Your notes handwriting have to be readable.

20-You can share your notes with your friends, they will review it as well and shall guide you.

21-Your notes have to be full of research.

22-Your notes should not be exactly copied from the books, make them and jot them down in your own words only.

23-The notes language has to be pretty simple and easy to read.

24-Your main topic has to be broken down into sections as well as sub sections.

25-On your notes, you have to underline all of the important points or you can make use of the highlighter. Read our following CSS and PMS preparation related articles too.

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