How to Choose the Best Career after Matric & O-Level in Pakistan? Tips

How to Select Best Career Path after 0-Level & Matriculation in Pakistan? Top Ten Super Tips
Life is dreaming about the best and then struggling hard to get it. No dream fulfills unless the struggle is on. Without struggle and planning nothing is attainable. The child joining the school and the parent sending him to school both live with a dream, a dream of a good career. Doctor, engineer, businessman or anything that makes you a useful member of the society is your career.


How to Choose the Best Career after Matric & O-Level in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

A career is not something for a day, week or month, but actually it is a long term investment in your future. Hence, after reaching a particular level in your studies, it becomes highly essential to choose a career. Mostly this decision has to be taken when the students are completing their matriculation. This point they have to think and rethink about what they want to do for their future. Top ten career counseling tips to be considered while planning for your future after class 10th are as follows:

Top Ten Career Counseling Tips For Students After Matric & O-Level

Career Counseling

1-These days there is a trend of sighting professional help from the educational counselors. Most of the institutions have them on the campus, but you may find a private career counselor too. They can help you suggest in the light of your aptitude, exam scores and their professional expertise that which way to move. This is a professional and expert help that can benefit you a lot. Our team of professional career counselors will guide you free of cost.

2-Know yourself is a very important strategy. Explore what is hidden inside you. If you are a parent think of what your child actually feels and does. It is not necessary that every child emerges as a doctor or engineer. Sometimes forcing your child to work against his personal traits cannot be successful in the long run. Similar is the condition for the students. He must be aware of his plus and minus in various areas. Today, assessing your self has become so easy. There are so many related psychological tests available online that can assist you in the right direction.

3-Search for the best possibilities of the careers. Sometimes the students are not aware of the various options available regarding their career. They limit themselves to only few careers that they are aware of. As the subjects have to be chosen at intermediate level as per the long term planning therefore, it is essential to think for the career once you are done with the matriculation.

4-If you have some career option in mind then discuss it with the one already pursuing it and with your teachers too. It is very important to learn what the future of this career is. Stagnancy in the career is not encouraged. Hence, find about the chances of excelling.

5-Students who want to appear in competitive exams must keep this thing in their mind at the time of subject selections.

6-Science students with lower marks should try to think about alternative options of FSc like DAE, ICS, FA General Science, DHMS, FTJ, I.Com etc.

7-Females are advised to choose professional subjects which may help them in making money while staying at home.

8-Arts students should select subjects as per their aptitude and future study plans.

9-Students interested in Computer Science or IT can choose any of these options;

FSc Pre Engineering


FA General Science

10-Last but least do not  follow the current trends as they change so often. Listen the voice of your inner self first.

Career selection seems an easy job, but it really needs precision, care and research. If you are studying in matriculation or have completed it, then it’s the right time to make your ultimate decision about the career. Here are some important further study options after matriculation & O-Level.
FA General Science
FSc Pre Medical
FSc Pre Engineering
B Category
Nursing Diploma
Professional and vocational diplomas

We shall soon write detailed article on career & scope of all these programs in near future, so stay connected with and its facebook page for reading. Read our following articles on career counseling for further guidance.

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