PTCL Duplicate Bill Dbill – Check Online or Download

How To Get PTCL Duplicate Bill in Pakistan Using Internet? Dbill 
In today’s world a country’s infrastructure is not just the roads and railways but in fact it goes beyond this. Telecommunication is an integral part of the entire infrastructure. Without a strong communication set up nothing can be accomplished. In this context the government of Pakistan has continuously worked on the development and up gradation of the telecommunication. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the major telecommunication authority working in the field of telecommunications in Pakistan. The corporation is required to provide the best telephonic and Internet services throughout the country and thus it is the backbone of the country’s telecommunication infrastructure.


PTCL Duplicate Bill Dbill-Check Online or Download

Although the arrival of several telecommunication corporations, like Telenor Corps and China Mobile Ltd. The corporation has the responsibility of managing and operating about 2000 telephone exchanges operating throughout the country, thus it provides the most extensive fixed-line network. The business is multiplying with the increasing data and backbone services for example GSM, HSPA+, CDMA, LTE, broadband Internet, IPTV, and wholesale.

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PTCL is the largest Telecommunication service provider in Pakistan. PTCL also keeps on growing in the business by improving its services as the CDMA operator in the country with 0.8 million customers of V-fone. The company enjoys a leading position in Pakistan, as it is the main infrastructure provider for several telecom operators and corporate customers working in the country. It has the strength to act like an instrumental agent for the economic growth of Pakistan. PTCL has started working with the Optical Fibre Access Network. This is already working in the main metropolitan centres of Pakistan.

With this growing strength the PTCL is working for the good of their customers. It always keeps the customers on priority. It wants to give the best services to the customers all over Pakistan. Despite providing them the on time billing, they are facilitated through the online billing services. This online service helps them get a PTCL duplicate bill anytime.

In order to avail the online billing facility, one must log in to the option given on the page. The related link is used to get access to the PTCL duplicate bill details, when the customer number on the bill is used as the log in for the site. If any correction is required the customer can claim for the said. The online service is an easy way to get the details. So if your bill is misplaced, or you have not received it yet or finally some correction is required, there is no need to worry. Just click the link given on this page and get your PTCL duplicate bill.


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